Health minister, Ahmadou Samateh

The Minister of Health earlier this week issued an ominous warning to the striking public health officers that there will be no pay-check for them this month if they continued with their action but sources said Dr. Ahmad Lamin Samateh will later today meet representatives of the aggrieved health staff.

Though, details surrounding the minister’s reported engagement with the executives of the Association of Public Health Officers were scanty at the time of this post, it’s expected to centre on the association’s continued demands for payment of on-call, special skills and risk allowances accrued during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, negotiations broke down this week when the health ministry and the association could not find a common ground.

The minister has since warned the striking members of salary forfeiture if they refuse to pick up their tools.

However, reliable sources informed JollofNews that negotiations will resume later today.

Diseases surveillance activities in several parts of the country have been severely impacted by strike, sources said.

Immunization clinics have also been scaled-down significantly due to the strike.

The aggrieved health staff said government reneged on its promise of paying the allowances last May after paying nurses and doctors same.