Mamma Kandeh, GDC leader & President Barrow

GDC leader Mamma Kandeh has counselled President Adama Barrow to sustain the line of communication he’d opened with the opposition.

President Barrow reportedly called Kandeh and three other opposition leaders, including that of the main opposition UDP to extend Tobaski greetings.

Mamma Kandeh acknowledged that President Barrow has unsuccessfully tried to reach him on phone on Tobaski day.

“That’s quite true because I was away from my phone,” Kandeh admitted.

“We thank him for that. We are happy about that,”he stated

“After the contest, the preoccupation of the leader should be how to reconcile people with opposing political views,” the GDC leader said.

If anything, Kandeh would like to see President Barrow communicate more with the opposition on issues of national significance.

“Let him make it a tradition. I urge him to consult with the opposition because after all it’s the country we all see,” Kandeh advised Mr. Barrow.