The Gambia Police Band continues to be an essential part of key national events but concerns have been raised over the quality of patriotic songs produced by the band of-late.

Not so long ago, marshall tunes produced by the band were mostly imbued with neat instrumentals to conjure up that feeling and sense of pride and patriotism in citizens as lines, extolling great citizens were being integrated in the police band song-sheets.

There were suspicions that the current police band has not been doing enough work to fill the ‘big boots’ of those that were there years gone by.

Some reminisced the halcyon days when patriotic songs were not only nourishing to the mind and heart but were also stuffed with patriotic sentiments through instrumental dexterity.

“The quality of our patriotic songs from the police band has dropped significantly,” commented Musa Faal commonly known as Gambienne.

“I think the police high command needs to consider bolstering the reppattoir to enable it square up to expectations,” said another commentator shortly after one of the band’s recent performances at Sir DK Jawara Conference Centre.

“The quality of music produced by our police band is very inferior. Things are no longer the same,” another commentator said of the police band.

Meanwhile, there were calls for the band to up its game even if it will require tapping from retired band members and more investment in training.