Electric pole leaning like the tower in Pisa

A NAWEC high tension pole is leaning dangerously like the tower in Pisa, Italy, posing a real threat to people living around New Jeshwang market. Concerns are mounting in the area over a possible catastrophy as its three cables carry more than 11,000 watts each.

“I am not even aware. I did not notice it was leaning towards us,” a petty trader (name withheld) told Jollofnews while sitting next to the shop located 20 m around the high tension pole.

The power utility company’s installations have been impacted by a number of factors. Decayed electric poles are scattered across cities, raising questions about NAWEC maintenance team.

She said it has never come to her mind that the high tension pole was bending slowly.

“Chey Africa!” exclaimed a lady who was standing around. “This is scary. I hope NAWEC will fix it.”