Firebrand opposition figure Nyawuru Komma has claimed that since chartered flight costs D36,000,000, it would be safe to peg the flight cost of President Barrow’s UN trip at this “staggering” amount.

The Gambian leader flew to New York on Sunday in a chartered flight with reportedly over 30 people in tow. Meanwhile, UDP top official Komma held that chartering a flight to the UN General Assembly was a misplaced priority.

Komma could not also understand how Mr. Barrow could use tax payers money to ferry people in the ilk of Dou Sano to New York for the General Assembly.

“Our hospitals and health facilities are struggling with surgical gloves, dialysis machine and what have you,”he told JollofNews.

“So, instead of chartering a flight at D36,000,000 with at least 30-member delegation, the money could be wisely used to resource our health facilities and support flood victims,” he added.