Sainabou Mbye, ex-wife of Bubacarr Bob Keita in (black)

Lawyers for the embattled ex-wife of Bubacarr Bob Keita have been gonging the Banjul High Court to grant her temporary reprieve as the State was yet to present any indictment before the court.

Lawyers Combeh Gaye and Sagarr Jahateh were at the Banjul High Court on Wednesday morning where they made attempts to secure liberty for Sainabou Mbye. Read more

They made an oral application for bail, arguing that since there was no indictment before the court, the ideal thing to do was to allow their client enjoy her constitutionally-guaranteed right.

Citing relevant constitutional provisions, the defense attorneys tried to convince the court that it was a violation of Sainabou’s rights to be held in detention for more than 72 hours without being charged with any offence.

They argued there was nothing before the court to warrant her continued detention.

However, the State insisted it was erroneous for the defense to believe there was nothing before the court.

The State counsel argued that there was an indictment of manslaughter against Sainabou Mbye from a magistrates’ court.

Muhammed was reportedly left in a roasting car for 4 hours

The State said it needed one or two weeks to build its case as it was yet to receive Baby Muhammed’s autopsy report.

It also argued that manslaughter is a non-bailable offence under the laws of the land.

But Sainabou Mbye’s lawyers were in no mood for this.

They contended that the State had enough time to put its house in order.

They also contended that there was no indictment before the court to warrant their client’s detention.

Justice Ebrima Baa Jaiteh, presiding, asked the defense to file a written application for bail.

He gave them an opportunity to do so in 48 hours.

This will pave the way for the State to respond.

The case resumes Friday.