Sanha back after hospital treatment

By Frederic Tendeng
Guinea Bissau’s President Malàm Bacai Sanha on Monday returned to his country, after undergoing medical treatment in Paris. It was his second stay in the French capital for health reasons.
The Bissau Guinean President’s health has recently been the subject of much speculation in his country. Last week, information circulated in Bissau that the Guinean head of state was in a coma. The rumor was later flagged a mere lie by the Charge d’Affaires of Guinea-Bissau in Paris.
This Monday, Malàm Bacai Sanha personally denied ever being in a state of coma while undergoing his treatment in France. Speaking to reporters, the Bissau Guinean President jokingly said he was not surprised, because it is the nature of Guineans to breed rumors.
“Here I am with you, to work together towards development. They said that I’m in a state of coma, I hope that you have come to see me out of my coma once and for all”, Malam Bacai Sanhá said. He explained that he was well when he left Guinea-Bissau for the AU summit, but that he was to undergo a medical examination, as part of clinical recommendations he received during his first trip to Paris for medical treatment.
Malam Bacai Sanhá abruptly departed from the most recent African Union summit in Addis Ababa due to complications on his health status. Asked by reporters on what he will do of his canceled state visits to Brazil and Portugal during the period he was ill, the Bissau Guinean Head of State said the issue will now be treated by his Minister of Foreign Affairs through diplomatic channels. Malàm Bacai Sanha added that at the moment, his immediate task is to maintain the prevailing climate of stability in the country.
The Guinean Head of State maintained that he is well and in good shape.

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