Gambia: Is The So-Called Struggle Emitting Civil Unrest

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(JollofNews) – Of late, we have witnessed flood gates of barrage of calls from a wide spectrum of people in the so-called struggle, calling for anything and everything under the sun, from “demonstrations”, “civil unrests” to war.

These calls emit from Folks in the so-called struggle through online radios, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, social media, emails, and phone calls and through other medium.

My brothers and sisters, I beg you, implore you, urge you, plead with you, demand and ask that you stop, refrain from, cease and desist immediately, at once, from making such calls, or anything along those lines.

I submit it is inconceivable, heartless and purely inhumane for people in the so-called struggle, while they sit in their “comfort zones” in America, Europe or wherever outside the Gambia, to pray for, wish for, ask for, appeal for or want war, civil disturbance, or anything along those lines that can result or have the potential to result in some kind of civil strife or unrest that could degenerate into a full-blown conflict or civil war, that could result in the loss of lives, from all sides, possibly tens of thousands of lives, over extended periods of time, after all is said and done, just because you want “change”, “change” of the current government.

Is that what you truly and sincerely want: For the Gambia to blow up in flames while you are in your “comfort zones” just because you don’t like the government? Alright, I got it, you, me, and many others, do not like the government, but going as far as appealing for, asking for, praying for, wishing for or wanting “some instability”, I submit, my brothers and sisters, that is purely inconceivable and inhumane. And when you examine or look at some of the people making these calls in their “comfort zones” you notice that many of them are former enablers of this same government, but now that, for whatever reasons, they found themselves in America, Europe or wherever, they do not care about the Gambian people no more, and instead want the country to blow up in flames.

That, my brothers and sisters, is not only inhumane, but purely cowardly as well. I urge you to refrain from any and all calls of instability. Of course, I am aware that the Gambian people, or the people who these calls are directed to, would not be deft enough to foolishly act upon these calls cowards are making in their comfort zones.

Now, let’s say there is an “instability” in the Gambia, and it results in some “unpleasant consequences”, such as “civil war”, would they care at all if their own families, parents, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and loved ones are caught in the “crossfire”? In other words, they are killed?

Yes, true, by the time the international community intervenes, a lot of destruction

Abdul Savage
Abdul Savage

would have taken place, and will be taking place. Common sense or lateral logic should dictate to you that the international community will not intervene unless and until there is actually a civil war; this is because the Gambia is a sovereign nation, and America, UK, Nigeria, Senegal or any other country for that matter, just does not intervene to “change” a government in a country because you have a bunch of people, including former enablers, in a cyber internet thing called so-called struggle say they want “change”. Things don’t work like that. Diplomacy does not work like that. The international community does not work like that.

When people in the so-called struggle are going to realise that they are just blowing hot air calling for the international community to intervene and “change” government in the Gambia because a bunch of them, including former enablers, say so? Things don’t work like that.

Further, this has been going on for years now, has it not? Yes, it has. If you save just couple hundred dollars a month, in less than a year you would have saved enough money to buy a return or one-way flight ticket from America to the Gambia, and you can take a week off work or whatever you do in America, Europe or wherever you are, and come do what you are asking people to do. Don’t you think you can do it yourselves?

Do not instigate others while you are away, thousands of miles away, in your comfort zones. It only takes about US$1700 for a return ticket and less for a one-way flight from America to the Gambia, or US$700 or less from the UK to the Gambia return ticket. Save few dollars, and in no time, you can buy a return or one-way flight ticket to the Gambia, and you can do what you are instigating people to do, while you are away, thousands of miles away in your “comfort zones”. How long have you been yelping for now on online radios, Blogs, Facebook, twitter, online papers, and social media? How long? Years, right?

Do not ask others to do what you cannot do. Talk is cheap. Set the standard by your example. Can you? Lead by example. Can you, would you? Practice what you preach, can you and would you ever?

Trust me, the Gambian people, including the opposition political leaders on the ground, know that “certain people” in the so-called all they want is for the Gambia to “blow up in flames”. The Gambian people, including the opposition leaders, have long figured out what “some people” in the so-called struggle are all about. The opposition political leaders just kind of play along with some of you, and consider some of you “the fools”.

God Bless the Gambian people.

Written by Abdul Savage

The author is a retired American soldier. He is a member of the US Military Order of the Purple Heart and Veterans of Foreign Wars.


  1. This man is the dumbest man that ever wrote on the internet. He went to another country and fought in another mans war but not for his own countrys fight for freedom. Now he is talking about leading by example. When ever did his commander in chief joined him in the frontline? They too where far away from the frontline aswell.

  2. solomon savage

    he is just an idiot a spy who is working for that criminal and pretending to be in the other side this motherfucker need be teach a lasson,a looser who thinks he knows everything better and when he is speaking english you never know wether is yoroba or english ,who the hell he think he is ,just a looser a liar who think becoming an american citizen is the end of the word.

  3. Your article is factual incorrect. We all know that America, Britain, France and few other countries have invaded other countries in the name of bringing democracy, if they view the countries leadership as a threat to their national intrest or regional stability or are a danger to their own people. There are many many examples of this, for instance Tanzania invaded Uganda to chase away Idi Amin and also when I was in Gambia Senegal intervened when Kukoi staged the coup in 1981. The people you are attacking are doing a fine job in exposing the Jammeh regime for what it is : “tyrannical murderous regime”. If there is to be any unpleasantry or civil war in the Gambia like u stated the responsibililty lies squarely on the dictator and his hench men. Nobody wants war in our beloved country but when people are being pushed to the corner there is no other way but to stand up and fight. For years Gambians have suffered under this terrible dictatorship, some died, some imprisoned and many exiled. The country you live in went through their own revolution, black people went out demanding their rights, many were killed including their leaders, today you have Black president. America is still far from perfect but it certainly better than it was in the 40s 50s and 60s. If Gambians want a change in their status quo, sacrifices have to be made and we can’t expect anyone to do it for us. I haven’t seen you condemn the regime for the crimes they are committing against our people and you offer no alternative to our pridicament instead you are busy attacking others. Disgraceful !!!!

  4. Abdul Savage was in my Unit in Afghanistan. He has never fired a shot at the enemy. He would always cry when someone tries to get him to work but since he is a minority and the Army has become politically correct he would use the racism card often and the leadership would drop the matter. When Abdul recieved his Purple Heart, he lied to anyone that will listen to his story. His story is he stopped the suicide bomber at the gates of the base, heroically saving lives. He did no such thing. He was eating dinner with the rest of us. He says it took them a day and a half to find him buried under rubble. I saw him being carried out fifteen minutes or so after the bomb went off. This man is a liar and really brings a big shame to anyone he associates himself with.