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Torchlight With Michael Scales: Giving Praises Where It Is Due

Michael Scales

(JollofNews) –  I think now that the aftermath of the tyrant has been exorcised and the glorious peace has returned to the shores of our dear Gambia, we must give praise where praise is due. The resilience and fortitude of the Gambian people to endure tyranny to such extremes of terrible dehumanising acts of state sponsored barbarism, reflects so badly on those who were prepared to commit or aid such senseless acts upon brothers and sisters and children.

But the lesson learned is that Gambians both inside and outside Gambia did not capitulate or lose hope. On the whole and it is on the whole that these things must be judged. The majority eventually overwhelmed the extremist minority not by force or war, but by the simple and all-conquering ballot. The 22 year hiatus of the Jammeh lead APRC government” of the president for the president and by the president and his army of sycophants, money buddies and junglers made what they could while the going was good. But what now? Where will you plight your pitiful trade in lies and deceit and death?

 Slowly but surely, the coalition government led by President Adama Barrow is putting the Gambian house “back in order” in a quiet but immensely reassuring way. The disappointing aspect of a few commentators still want to attempt to play the tribal card against what they presume without evidence. Such loud-voiced cyber warriors should find the back way to Equatorial Guinea where there awaits the arch bigot of all arched bigots in Africa to commend there divisive and senseless and baseless opinions.

Today, the Gambia rules by consensus. Long live the Gambia.

For those in any doubt or without faith, be rest assured that those who escaped the telling justice of man will one day face the wrath of God. Of that there is no shadow of doubt. My sincere condolences to those departed before time and those who mourn in the dignity of silence. The sun will shine for you once more.


  1. Nicely put, but this is real tyranny http://geography.about.com/cs/politicalgeog/a/berlinconferenc.htm this makes Yahya look like he didn’t even try.

    • I really do not understand why African’s think Western democracy should be the template of political co existance. Look closely at America, Berlin’ Brussels and London and the new Eastern European democracies today and for the last 50 years and tell me WE have a workable political dispensation…All are moving from the centre ground to wards extremism. Nationalism…. and protectionism is now the”new” status quo.

      Africa has every chance to make progress, but only if it becomes truly free of Westernism and its pressure to conform to failing western values. I mean what are these values?
      To exploit the poor and the sick and the disabled and the disenfranchised and those African’s who do not have any rights unless, you can offer something we need. African’s remain in a gross legal and financial disadvantage, unless you have cash or a degree. Meanwhile you are enslaved to be in a system where dependence on hand outs from the richer nations, whose money was originally gained from slavery anyway. Do your own thing and get wise.

      • Now your talking sense Mike Scales, so called Africa, which is a name given to Africa by the Romans, need to find their own africaness, and stop adopting other people’s Gods, Bibles, culture and history.
        Tell me wasn’t so called Africa prosperous before Alexander the so called great went there and raped steal and robbed, and what they could not take to the Vatican they burned? Everybody wants a peice of so called Africa.
        The Vatican, Europeans and Arabs.
        Give them back their Bibles

  2. Michael Scales, The Hypocrite
    Is this the Michael Scales I have read so much about, writing about Africa disentangling herself from Western hypocrisy, exploitation, immorality and persistent abuse of human rights? Don’t you know Scales that we know you are playing the trump card, a hypocrite’s card, a neo-colonial imperialist’s card and that you have NOTHING absolutely NOTHING to guide us towards our progress and prosperity. You have NOTHING to contribute but to play the hypocrite’s role.
    Before advising us on which path to follow, tell your home governments and institutions, your Western imperialist nations to stop meddling in our African affairs.

  3. LOL !!! I think I just agreed with you my friend,,,so is it you who are the hypocrite ?