Samsudeen Sarr: Jammeh’s Rejection Is A Blessing In Disguise For Barrow 

I think Jammeh’s declaration of not supporting the NPP-APRC political coalition is a huge blessing in disguise for President Adama Barrow who has recently been bombarded with arsenals of false allegations about his secret-amnesty offer to former President Yahya Jammeh in exchange for the APRC party to support Barrow’s December presidential bid.

By Jammeh saying today that he disagrees with the alliance of his party with the NPP and instead favours an alliance with the GANU party led by Shiekh Tijan Hydara goes to dispel the accuracy of such speculations.

By the way, was it not a major contention among the No-Alliance Movement (NAM) members that they were not going into alliance with any party because Jammeh was going to come back home and be their flag bearer?

Well, Jammeh didn’t say that he was coming back home per se but has definitely told the Kaninlai crowd that he has “as from today” taken full control over the APRC from the current executive and would effectively be their flag bearer.

That sounded like a big victory to the diehards convinced of his participation in the 2021 election regardless of all its unrealistic factors; yet on a greater need for clarification one would be interested in how that will happen and whether he will still be the flag bearer when his newly formed APRC party goes into alliance with the GANU party? Will he still be the flag bearer or surrender the position to Mr. Hydara ? I want to know.

And let us not forget that among the NAM members there are also those who have all along been telling their blind loyalists that elections will not be conducted in the country in December because Russian soldiers will instead bring back Jammeh and forcefully reinstate him as head of state.

What have these folks made out of Jammeh’s position now? What about Baitullah’s insistence on “no-election-in- December”? “Bilahi-Walahi-Talahi-Nalah” (the Baitullah style).

Anyhow, for the hustlers organizing a protest march against Barrow tomorrow, Saturday, October 16, 2021, for his “clandestine deal” with Jammeh, I am afraid that their story is nomore tenable. They should scramble back to the drawing board for a better story before tomorrow morning.

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