Gambia Politico: Special New Year Message To NPP – Let’s Get To Work And Stop The Nonsense Celebrations!

Yanks Dabo

If it was a UDP government, we would have been at work by now, so what are you folks frolicking for! Our country has no time to celebrate, I mean what are we celebrating – another five years of Barrow? Judging by his performance of the last five years, we should be concerned than celebrating and we definitely have no time to waste!

So, since you lot claimed to have won our mandate to serve us for another five years! Well get your gloves on, for we have a full list of chores that we would like you to do for us.

Firstly, in 2016 we were provided with a National Development Plan that rescued the country from the brink that Jammeh left us; thanks to the UDP leadership in the coalition!

It’s been 28 days since you lot staged your owned palace coup to succeed yourselves into office, in a farce labelled as democracy, now we want to know what is your plan for our development! Including we the people of Mandinka descent, that you so much hated and preached to the other Gambian tribes to hate and distrust from ever leading, despite you yourselves claiming to be Mandinkas!

And don’t frown your faces at me or ask me any sarcastic questions or dare to criticise me; I and my people remained your humble masters and sincere opposition, here to do the job of an opposition by holding President Adama Barrow and you lot accountable for all your deeds in the next coming five years! A job that me and my party, UDP are well experienced at, as you lot have acknowledged that we will forever be good at!

Your dirty, nasty tactics of divide and conquer, will not eschew you from our binoculars! And don’t even think about your nasty tribal politics either!

We did not go through a 22 years struggle to remove a dictator only to allow you lot to become our kleptocrats! You would be fooled, if you lot were promised of an easy ride in the next five years, it won’t be easy! For we are a desperate and starving nation, and our sorry state was not aided by the ineptitudes of your President’s leadership of the last five years!

And let me remind you further, we are also a nation of resilient brave people. The ancestors of Kunta Kinteh, we can endure another terror of arrest, detention, persecution and murder, if you lot want to resort to the Jammeh tactics, but just like him, be assured of a miserable failure at that for you will never be able to silence our patriotism for our beloved and much cherished small nation called The Gambia that we share! In other words, we will never cave into fear of any leader again. So be prepared to bloody your hands with many innocent bloods, if you believe in a rule of fear.

Regardless of your preference or style of ruling, be prepared to work, as a hungry nation awaits your service! You may cheat your way into the palace, but will not cheat your way out of the duties and responsibilities that come with the usurpation of that palace!

And just in case you need a reminder, the UDP election petitions will also be proceeding all the way to Mars to make sure we hold you lot accountable for your election frauds too!

Aluta continua!!

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