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We’ll Continue To Suffer Because People Don’t Have C/Sense To… – Neneh Freda

Neneh Freda Gomez, Country Director of Global Home of Medical Mission (GHMM)

The Country Director of Global Home of Medical Mission (GHMM) has argued that Gambians will continue to wallow in misery because ‘people don’t have the common sense’ to discern right from wrong.

“We will continue to suffer because people don’t have the common sense to understand what is right and wrong all because of greed, all because of orders. Twenty-two years…I mean 2022, we are still following orders from the top,” GHMM country chief Neneh Freda Gomez disheartenly told officers who came to bar her from the GHMM’s premises in Bijilo on Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Gambia government continues to tightly hold onto its plan of building an OIC hotel on the land at the centre of dispute between it and GHMM in an apparent defiance of court orders.

The authorities on Thursday morning deployed a six-man team of paramilitary officers to prevent GHMM’s country director from conducting any activity at the premises.

Meantime,the courts have delivered two judgements in favour of GHMM following litigations over ownership.

On Thursday, Neneh Freda went to the property but was told by the paramilitary that an order was issued from the top that she should not be allowed to conduct any activity there.

And, this has thrown her into a frenzy.

“You crawl to serve them like servants,” she fumed.

“But then us the citizens when we are about to make things that will benefit all of us, you stop us and trample on our rights. That’s what you continue to do. That’s why the country is not developing,” she charged.

Meanwhile,the property at the heart of the dispute was the former home of the Anti-crime Unit of the Gambia Police Force (GPF).

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