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Why Bai Sankareh Wants Every Compound Rented To Britain At D10,000?

Ousainou Bai Sankareh

Ex-senior NPP member Ousainou Bai Sankareh has advised Gambians to consider leasing or renting out the country to Britain.

According to him, The Gambia has now descended into ‘dictator-democracy’, adding that the NPP government cannot reverse the country’s current ‘pathetic’ state.

“Let’s lease or rent out every compound or house in this country to Britain. A house can be rented at D50 whilst a compound at D10,000. This is the way going forward as this country has now gone to the dogs. This country is ruined,” Sankareh charged in an audio release.

He went on to claim that the country has regressed to a ‘dictator-democracy’.

He accused NPP and government officials of using their positions, connection to powers that be and influence to violate the rights of citizens.

He added: “They accused UDP of masterminding Bob Keita’s legal nightmares… that’s not true. It’s the NPP that orchestrated Bob Keita’s troubles.

Bob Keita in court

“They did the same to me when they used my wife to lie against me that I hit her with a metal bar. I was taken to court and after 12 sittings, I was fined D150,000 in default to serve five years in jail. They are very good at that. Dictator-democracy is the order of the day,” he claimed.

According to Bai Sankareh, the state of affairs in the country has spiralled beyond reversal because government ‘is being dominated by wolves in sheep’s clothing’.

“It’s a sorry state of things because everyone is for himself. Everyone is seeing government as a milk cow. If government is dominated by insincere people, the country will be destroyed,” he argued.

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