Alagi Saidy-Barrow: When Grudge Determines Your Opinion

Alagie Saidy-Barrow

In his timeless song Changes, released in 1998, Tupac raps …

And I never get to lay back
‘Cause I always got to worry ’bout the payback
Some buck that I roughed up way back
Coming back after all these years…

You examine our opinions on any issue and it becomes apparent that many of us spewing garbage about these issues are held hostage by some grudge we have been incubating against others. The grudgeful will painstakingly wait years for an opportunity to hatch their grudge against those that they despise.

As soon as the person’s name becomes a public interest, the grudgeful one would emerge and start feasting on the flesh of the subject of their grudge. We may pretend to be brothers and sisters and call ourselves Muslims but while “anger against a brother is only felt in the flesh; never in the bones,” around here, grudges are felt in the bones! Never mind the fake brotherhood we parrot!

Just take a look at the inconsistencies of the grudgeful and you’ll see my point. Take a closer look at their interactions with the person they are spewing lava on and you’ll see that the grudgeful are not motivated by truth or justice or whatever they front.

Rather, their motivation is to satisfy their poisonous grudge! You’ll see that it’s often some punk who is too afraid to reveal their grudge and so they seek to surreptitiously satisfy their pain by taking the dumbest of positions on issues concerning individuals they cannot stand.

Sometimes, it’s not even because one had any personal dealings with the grudgeful, it’s because one may have said or done something to someone the grudgeful are mindlessly attached to! May the ancestors protect you if it is one of their political party leaders!

But here’s what they don’t understand, when grudge leads you in battle, truth becomes your enemy, shamelessness becomes your weapon and lies become your refuge! You end up vanquished!

Whatever you do, be wary of engaging in a debate with anyone holding a grudge! They are not interested in the truth. They are only hellbent on satisfying the illness that is eating them up. Their most important audience is their battered ego. Beware!

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