Njundu Drammeh: “If You Love Me, Set Me Free….”

Njundu Drammeh

In one of his posts, Sawajibi quoted “If you love me, set me free”. And about love, he is right. If you set love free, as rightly stated by Richard Bach, it would come back if you truly deserve the love, if it is meant for me.

If it doesn’t, unrequited, then you dont deserve it. What isnt yours won’t come back or, if it does, it won’t stay longer. And if doesn’t come back, no need to repine or feel sorrowful. You have just set love to freedom and allowed it to fly where it would feel unencumbered, unshackled, liberated.

No need pining and whining over unrequited love. It is not meant for you. What’s your would come back when you let it fly to freedom. If it comes back to you, then treasure it as if you whole life depends on it. Grapple it to thy bosom with a hoop of steel.

So it is also said about “truth”, the power to set the holder free. “The truth shall set you free” is an aphorism writ large at the entrance of our TRRC. A reminder about truth telling and the blessings that come with total confession, of stating the truth and the whole truth.

Ensuring the non-punishment of the innocent, the unburdening of the guilt that weighs one like an albatross around the neck, the contribution to closure for the aggrieved, the achievement of justice and accountability.

But may be before “the truth shall set you free” it is crucial that you “set the truth free”. For when “truth” is set “free”, completely, truly, ungrudgingly and conscientiously, it would also be able to reciprocate in like manner, with absolute glee that it has set someone to freedom. Set the truth free that it is able to set you free.

Just like setting love free, there are many things that weigh us down and make our lives miserable and unpleasant which we should set free, allowed to fly to freedom.

We don’t need to hold onto them because of the “unfreedom” we get by the firm clinging. Imagine what freedom one would enjoy, unquantifiable and indescribable, when you let free hatred, jealousy, pride, envy, bigotry, grudge, despair, and all the vices that make you conscience stricken.

The lightness of the heart, freedom from stress and the aches, tranquility, longevity, health of body, inner peace and harmony with the universe. If you set them free but they return to you, then check your soul. It would need a postmortem.

Your freedom lies in setting love free. Love cannot survive in a golden cage.

Your freedom lies in letting go of those that make life miserable. Hate, says MLK Jrn, is a very heavy burden to carry.

(Now watch how my nemeses would come with their daggers drawn. Chaii Yallah)

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