FTJ Tells Foninkas Jammeh Not More Adorable To Them Than FTJ-Led APRC

Fabakary Tombong Jatta has told the people of Foni that former President Yahya Jammeh is not closer to their hearts than his splinter group of the APRC.

The Gambian House Speaker hinted that his faction of the APRC had perfected all plans for the return of Mr. Jammeh but that their strategy suffered last-minute abortion through the actions and utterances of the APRC No To Alliance members.

Mr. Jatta called on the people of Foni to quickly come to the realization that the chapter has turned on former President Jammeh’s reign.

“But we can work towards his return so that he can be also accorded the same treatment as the one he gave Jawara. This can be only achieved through master planning,” he told APRC supporters in West Coast Region in a meeting held over the weekend to prepare the ground for the FTJ-led APRC’s congress.

“The people of Foni and my Jola kith and kins should know that Yahya Jammeh is not more adorable to them than us,” he emphasized.

“One regrettable thing is that they threw the spanner in the works at a time when all was set in motion,” he said of the other faction of the APRC as he spoke about amnesty for Jammeh.

Fabakary Tombong Jatta

“It’s now clear to people that they were saying things they couldn’t accomplish,” the APRC leader added.

FTJ said the least that his APRC expected from the other APRC was vilification.

“We sacrificed for APRC at a very turbulent time even knowing full well that we will not be President. So, even if we did not do the right thing, we should not be castigated. It’s the least we expected,” he pointed out.

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