Coalition Gestures Will Be Made To PPP – Kebba Jallow

PPP leader Kebba Jallow has explained that other political parties will make coalition gestures to the Gambia’s oldest party.

PPP announced this week that it has now moved out of the grand NPP coalition and that it would employ unilateral efforts in its quest to make inroads in the forthcoming elections for mayors and chairmen of various local government areas.

“Other political parties will approach us (PPP) for a coalition and you will be fully aware of it in due course,” Jallow told PPP supporters in an audio message.

The PPP claimed it was left on the wayside by its NPP coalition partner at a time when serious political parties in the country consolidate their positions for the various battles for the capture of the various mayoral and chairmanship seats in April.

PPP meanwhile performed very badly in the last legislative elections.

The party lost all the seats it contested.

According to some political commentators, PPP consequently lost its political value to the NPP coalition, hence the decision of the NPP to part ways with it.

Sources hinted that PPP was playing the second fiddle to the APRC and NRP since the declaration of the results of the legislative elections.

The only PPP Cabinet minister James Gomez could not make it to the Mbahal Cabinet as the Gambian President characterized his present Cabinet.

PPP leader Kebba Jallow has himself confirmed that his party has been sidelined in NPP’s coalition building efforts, hinting APRC and NRP were the darlings of NPP.

However, NPP’s administrative secretary Mam Mbanyick Njie this morning told news presenter Aji Jacob Khan that there were no mutual hostilities between NPP and PPP.

According to him, NPP was generous enough to step aside for the PPP to contest in constituencies, they believed, the party was entrenched.

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