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D2500 Cost Awarded To GACH Boss For Delays In Trumpet Editor’s Trial

The Banjul High Court on Tuesday awarded D2500 cost to the CEO of GACH Group for the lack of progress in the defamation case he filed against the editor of The Trumpet newspaper.

Presiding judge Justice Bakre told editor Fabakary B. Ceesay a fortnight ago that his inability to put his house in order, after been given enough time to do so, was an infringement of the right of the plaintiff and could generate public outcry.

Mr. Ceesay made a U-turn two weeks ago when he informed the court that he was no longer going to proceed with his case without legal representation.

At the outset of the case, editor Ceesay insisted that he can fight it out for himself in court.

He already told the court that Borry S. Touray will be representing him.

Meanwhile, lawyer Touray was yesterday at the Banjul High Court annex but said his health condition wasn’t good.

He, therefore, sought for another adjournment of the case.

This was granted but at a cost of D2500.

Justice Bakre had earlier advised Trumpet editor to put his house in order.

When the case was called two weeks ago, Mr. Ceesay cited the unavailability of his lawyer, the demise of his father and one of his relatives as reasons for his appeal for the adjourning of the case to today.

This followed other cases of adjournment of the case thanks to Mr. Ceesay’s inability to settle down.

His lawyer told the court on Tuesday that he was there as a matter of urgency but was feeling unwell.

He informed the court that the defense was in the process of filing documents that need to be certified.

Counsel for Dr. Jawara raised an objection to this, arguing that the defense cannot file anything at this stage of the trial as that will affect what they (plaintiff’s team) will file.

She pointed out that the case was adjourned on several occasions, adding that it was set to continue on its resumption on Tuesday.

However, the defense lawyer said he was only in court as a matter of urgency and could not engage the witness in a pretrial.

Fabakary B. Ceesay

Touray added that he was informed by his client that he (client)had documents that needed to be certified and was looking at how best this can be done.

Justice Bakre, presiding pointed out that the case suffered several adjournment but counsel Touray told the court that the plaintiff’s counsel had informed him that the plaintiff would like to file for a stay of proceedings but could give details only with the indulgence of the plaintiff’s counsel.

Meanwhile, senior counsel I. Drammeh prayed for the awarding of D2500 to the plaintiff for the slow pace of the case and was given.

The case resumes 18 May 2023.

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