‘Voting Wrong Persons Equates To Betraying The Country’

Ebo Town and New Jeshwang ward aspiring councillor Mbemba Gibba has said that voting for the wrong person equates to betraying the society where one lives.

“Think wisely and vote for a better future. Don’t peril the years to come over a bag of sugar or rice,” he says.

Gibba further advises the electorate: “Fellow politicians are myopic, with an ill-gotten thought and a narrow thinking set. They think short-term for the election to lure your votes and turn them into lucrative casinos to ungodfully enrich themselves and their families, while you and the community will increasingly remain backward and underdeveloped like a society languishing in darkness.”

The young politician thus urged voters to take conclusive decisions through the ballot box, which will potentially determine their community’s development and progress, saying: “Let us not sacrifice the future of our children and children’s children. Your vote is your voice, and your voice is your right. Don’t be blanketed by party politics or tribal politics. It is detrimental to the core to vote according to tribal line or party affiliation.

“You must not vote for me, if your vote will mean that we are friends or anything else. Put above the interest of The Gambia and the people of New Jeshwang and Ebo Town. I need not your vote if you think in either way of individual interest or associative interest.”

Mr Gibba added: “You should vote for me or anyone based on our holistic agenda, programs, credibility and the ability to demonstrate the needs of our people and represent the demands they ought to see and have. Assess your candidates by the manifestos and policies they have before the elections to enable you to know their programs and the pledges they make.”

Memba Gibba

The aspiring councillors added that the interest of Jeshwang and Ebo Town or any society is bigger than any individual interest.

“Your power is your voice, and your voice is your vote, which will shape the reality of your progressive, retrogressive community,” he said, concluding: “Voting for the wrong person is unpatriotic and equal to betraying the society you live in. You will either be a victim or glory of your own voter cards.”

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