GACH Global CEO Boosts Gambia Volleyball Federation With Historic D150,000 Donation

In a remarkable display of philanthropy and commitment to national sports development, Dr. Abubakary Jawara, the esteemed CEO of GACH Global Group, has made a historic donation of one hundred and fifty thousand dalasi (D150,000) to the Gambia Volleyball Federation.

The generous contribution, received by the federation from Gambian benefactors, underscores the potential for impactful collaborations between private enterprises and sports entities in fostering the growth of sports within the nation.

The significant gesture transpired on Tuesday, 30th January 2024, as Dr. Jawara, flanked by representatives of GACH Global Group, officially handed over the substantial donation to the President of the Gambia Volleyball Federation, Mr. Bai Doudou Jallow, and his accompanying delegation.

The pivotal occasion was preceded by a courtesy visit by the federation to the GACH Boss on Monday afternoon. During this meeting, the delegation highlighted some of the challenges they currently face, expressing their hopes for a more constructive partnership with Dr. Jawara.

President Bai Doudou Jallow, visibly elated and appreciative of the unprecedented contribution, conveyed his gratitude during the ceremony. He acknowledged the historic nature of the donation, particularly noting that despite the Gambia Volleyball Federation’s status as an African champion, it is the largest sum ever received from fellow Gambians.

He warmly welcomed Dr. Jawara’s benevolence and stressed the significance of such financial investments in the development of the country.

Addressing the gathering, President Bai Doudou Jallow emphasized the importance of the collaboration between GACH Global Group and the Gambia Volleyball Federation in shaping the future of volleyball in the country.

He expressed optimism for further collaborations, foreseeing a mutually beneficial relationship that would contribute to the overall growth and success of the sport.

In response, Dr. Jawara’s representative and GACH Media Director, Mafugi Ceesay, took center stage during the presentation ceremony. Ceesay elucidated on the philanthropic spirit of Dr. Jawara, highlighting the CEO’s genuine concern for the welfare of the less privileged and the national interest.

He underscored the seriousness with which Dr. Jawara views his social responsibility, stating that the donation reflects the GACH Boss’s commitment to supporting initiatives that positively impact the community.

The funds were ceremoniously presented to the Gambia Volleyball Federation, symbolizing a new chapter in their pursuit of excellence. Mafugi Ceesay conveyed the message that the donation was not merely a financial transaction but a testament to Dr. Jawara’s belief in the transformative power of sports and the potential it holds for societal development.

President Jallow, while expressing his gratitude once again, outlined the federation’s plans for the judicious use of the donated funds. He assured the gathering that every dalasi would be strategically invested in sectors that would further the growth and development of volleyball in the Gambia.

Dr. Abubakary Jawara’s philanthropic act sets a commendable precedent for corporate social responsibility and underscores the pivotal role that private enterprises can play in shaping the destiny of national sports.

Such partnerships have the potential to elevate Gambian sports to new heights, fostering an environment where athletes can thrive and the nation can proudly celebrate its achievements on the continental and global stages.

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