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Yassine Fall : “This Is A Constitutional Coup d’État”

In wake of President Macky Sall’s decision to postpone sine die the Presidential elections, the International Relations Vice-President for PASTEF, Yassine Fall, has added her voice to the chorus of recriminations.

She condemned in strong terms the unprecedented move taken by Senegalese leader, calling it “a constitutional coup d’état.”

The electoral campaign for February 25, 2024 Presidential elections was scheduled to start today but clouds of uncertainty continue to hang over it. In a defiant move, 20 candidates reiterated on Saturday their resolve to hit the ground running.

As one of the leading female voices on the continent, Yassine Fall is with the view that President Sall is trying to perpetuate himself in power.

“In Senegal political history, this is the first time a President is crossing the Rubicon to postpone the Presidential élections,” she told JollofNews during an exclusive interview.

According to her, the Senegalese leader has opted to put a halt to the 2024 electoral process after realizing that his Presidential pick Amadou Bâ is not gaining traction in his campaign.

More importantly, she went on, Macky Sall got shocked by various opinion polls, showing that the opposition leader’s candidate, Bassiriu Diomaye Faye, will win the election with a landslide.

“On the 2nd of April 2024, Macky Sall will no longer be a President,” she said while indicating that they are going to stand up against his unconstitutional desire to cling on power.

PASTEF’s Yassine Fall

She seized the opportunity to take a swipe at the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS), accusing them to team up with Benno Book Yakaar to validate their ‘sinister project.’

“Nothing justifies the postponement of the Presidential elections,” she clearly stated.

Meanwhile, the regional bloc ECOWAS issued a statement Saturday, saying it has taken note of President Sall’s decision to postpone the elections.

While ECOWAS Protocol on good governance and democracy has made it clear that six months before the vote, no one should interfere with the electoral process, the ECOWAS Commission has decided to send a giant middle finger to Senegalese.

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