A Chance To Win D1.5 Million In GACH’s Quranic Competition

The Chief Executive Officer of the GACH Global Group, Dr. Abubakary Jawara on Sunday, January 3, 2024, launched a D1.5 million nationwide Quranic Competition between young people named after his late father Ba-Jaeja Jawara.

500 students within the length and altitude of the smiling coast of Africa, The Gambia are expected to participate in this Quranic contest.

Meanwhile, the competition will kick out on Thursday, February 8, 2024, at Kerewan the Administrative capital of Badibou, where 32 Quranic students will be raised which will be followed by Janjangbureh district capital 12 student, Gambisara birthplace of GACH Boss, Mansakonko, and the west coast region which the competition will be held at the Supreme Islamic Council ground and the Masjid Bilal boarding school respectively.

The founder and owner of the Masjid Bilal Boarding School Sheikh Essa Jawara delivered the opening remarks, expressing hope of seeing a brighter future for the younger people of the country in the realm of the Quran.

Doctor Ali Jagana revealed that Dr. Abubakary Jawara funded the program, because of his love for Islam and the country, praying that Allah continues to guide and protect whilst calling on the rich people to emulate in better the life of the people.

According to Doctor Lamin Jagana Sarahule, Islamic Scholars indicate that the competition will kick start at the administrative capital of Badibou with 32 students, from where the team will have 15 students compete in Janjangbureh, Gambisara

Mansankonko and the rest of the country. finalized compete at the Supreme Islamic Council and Masjid Bilal Boarding School.

The opening ceremony held at Imam Malick School at Kanifing was graced by dignitaries from all works of life particularly the Islamic Scholars.

Doctor Ousman Jah, an executive member of the Supreme Islamic School showered praises on Docotor Jawara for funding the Quranic competition, adding that heaven is guaranteed for those who invest their money in the ways of Allah.

Yusupha Jawara deputizing the Chief Executive Officer of GACH Global Group highlights the ideas of how it all started with their late father who has life and served his lord throughout his life and as well dedicated his life to helping the poor and the needy with whom he is blessed.

Yusupha Jawara continues that their late father Alhajie Ba-Jaeja Jawara with a blessed memory loves the Quran and its teaching and coming up with such a legacy that will go down in the blessed history.

Doctor Foday Baba Jagana an executive member of Sarahule Islamic Group gave a brief history of the Sarahule group tasks with the duties of bringing all Sarahule scholars under one Umbrella to spread Islamic teaching within Gambia and Abroad. Dr. Jagana revealed that the group was created in 2014.

Doctor Abubakary Jawara has since spread his helping wings to all areas of need ranging from the poor and the needy to education, scholarships, community gardens, and mosques.

IF the Smiling Coast of Africa is to have two of him, then the country will be a heaven on earth.

(GACH Media Team)

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