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Amid Controversy, Ahmadis Adopts Low Profile Over TV Bid

Deputy Amir of the Amidiyya Jamaat, Alhagi Ebrahima Mbowe.

(JollofNews) – As controversy continues to mount over their TV license application, the Ahmadiyya movement leadership has vowed to keep a low profile until a decision is made by the public regulatory body. The movement’s TV bid has been met with harsh reaction from the country’s Islamic Council.

“We don’t have anything to say about the Supreme Islamic Council. We have made an application for TV license, and we are waiting for a decision to be made by The Gambia Public Utilities Regulatory Authotrity (PURA),” the third deputy Amir of the Amidiyya Jamaat Alhagi Ebrahima Mbowe told JollofNews in an exclusive interview..
Last month, Gambia’s Islamic Council has made it clear that it will “present a national petition objecting to the grant of television licence to the Ahmadiya Jamaat. By Allah’s will, the petition will be forthcoming in the next few days.” The council said in their news release the TV station could be used by the Ahmadis as a  “propaganda toool to adultarate the minds” of the Islamic community.
Mbowe said PURA has not yet given or denied them a license. “Our application is in process,” he added.
The Islamic Council’s move has sparked a lot of cristicism as many people are with the belief that their stance has no reasonable grounds.
Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo has taken to Facebook to express his disapproval describing as “derogatory” the statement made by the Supreme Islamic Council declaring the Ahmadiya Muslim Jammat as non-Muslims.
“The Gambia is a secular state and as such, the Constitution guarantees everyone the freedom to practice their religion the way they feel or even not to belong to any religious persuasion, as long as they do not infringe on the rights of other citizens,” he said.
Jawo said the decision made by the Islamic council is not only retrogressive but it is also a threat to national cohesion.
Madi Jobarteh, a leading voice of the country’s civil society movement, warned the Islamic body against “perpetuating religious bigotry” in the tiny West African nation.
Adding its voice to the chorus of recriminations, the Gambia Press Union (GPU) called on “PURA to process the application of the Ahmadiya Jammat in accordance with the principles of transparency, accountability, fairness, and participatory.”
“The Union hereby testifies that the Jammat, through its schools and printing press, has made significant contributions towards media freedom and development in The Gambia,” GPU said. “The Minister and PURA will be in violation of the Constitution and international law if it denies the Jammat TV license on the basis of religious differences.”


  1. Indeed, it is the SIC that is outside the pale of Islam as they are made up of a bunch of corrupt, arrogant, semi-illiterate, greedy sugar dadis have have not made any positive contribution to the religious or economic advancement of The Gambia. Their names should be among those most wanted list for crimes against the Gambian people.

  2. Well let them also write to the ministry of education to close the schools built by jamat.
    And also to the health department to close the hospitals they operate.
    I think the sic are just confused and has nothing better to add to the development of the country.

  3. Indeed, Gambian. The SIC should be brought to account for, before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, why they collectively took the obnoxious stance of stoking Yaya Jammeh’s ego, promoting falsehood, milking the system, subscribing to the myth around Jammeh’s capabilities and further aiding and abetting the arrest, detention and torture of decent Gambians that mostly stood up against tyranny and the twisting of religious teachings under Yaya Jammeh.
    Imam Fatty, Banding Drammeh, Mohammed Lamin Touray and other enablers of Yaya Jammeh must be barred from visiting the renovated state house that has now been, hopefully, cleansed of the fire, brimstone and satanic stains that they employed in daily machinations against the Gambian nation.
    Let Ahmadi brothers and sisters practice their faith as they wish and also be granted access to state run and other media of their choosing.
    In my book, anyone speaking out against the Ahmadis doesn’t belong to civilized society and is doing the bidding for fundamentalists and external influences that have their hearts and heads in the wrong place!

  4. I think the silence of the Ahmadi Jamaat’s Leadership is a dignified one and it shows, in a way, the gulf in class between them and the SIC, a body that has badly let Muslims down during the terrible years of Jammeh’s brutal misrule. It is shameful that they can now talk about “adulteration of minds”, when they openly conferred the title of “Nassir-ul- Deen” on a known religious illiterate and idol worshipper.

  5. worst of all, they have been attending Yaya Jammeh dances and parties where under-age half-naked girls are parraded. They will be there for hours watching curiously hours upon hours and even when they Here the AZAN, none of them will dear leave. There own minds and souls are corrupted beyond repair.

  6. They dance with jammeh clap with jammeh they support jammeh for brutalizing the innocent citizens ?It’s now they will talk who help jammeh to brutalized Bakawsu the sic pls we are in new Gambia let’s Barrow administration be careful to them because they’re poison.

  7. The SIC is a corrupt organisation which is trying to make our secular country into a African version of Afghanistan

  8. The holy quran is one of its kind.Even none muslims attested to that fact.Any movement or teachings that tries to misinterpret this holy script is and will be digging its own grave in the long run.Those of us who are not well versed in the Quran but are in position to influence or take decisions should be very careful.
    When it comes to teachings of the Holy Quran, we should not use the stance or personalities of the sic to conclude the matter.What ever the sic members were doing to help Jammeh, it should not be taken for granted that anything against them is justifiable. They might have been taking part in corrupt practises but their advocacies against the TV decision should be reviewed.
    The SIC do not consist the only people who are well versed in the Quran neither the other party as well.
    Therefore this is indeed not only in the domain of PURA alone to decide. Lots of islamic scholars in islamic jurisprudence are available and should be consuited before this fateful decision is taken.

  9. Those who are well versed in the Holly Qur’an but have surrended their seuls to the devil and are only interest in worldly affairs (Devil Fatty, Toray et al) are more dangerous and more deserving to be caged. These SIC thugs should shot their mouths. They havent got anything positive to add in the Gambian society. It is not for any one group or person in The Gmbia to decide who is a muslim and who is not.

  10. Kabir, this issue isn’t about Islamic teachings but all about doing the right thing and treating your fellow human being as you would want to be treated.
    That’s with dignity, respect and freedom of choice.
    Some of you folks, including the SIC, are lost in the wilderness!

  11. By the way, belonging to any religion group, muslim or non-mulim, is not a criteria for issuing a TV license. The SiC and those opposing the Ahmadians application can setup thier own TV stations to counter them. That would be the brave thing to do. Not the cowardly threats they are issueing.

  12. I read very fallacious arguements many of which presupposes shallow knowledge of what Qadiyanism entails. Qadiyani doctrine presupposes belief in the prophehood of Qulam Ahmad of Qadiyan and anyone who believe otherwise is a kaafir. Please don’t take this posit of mine as a mere wailing of intolerance but read their books for God’s sake.
    Where is the sense of fairness for those who lambast SIC, remember they are fathers and uncles and they did make error like anyone by standing by a dictator. what did their own fathers do and what did the Qadiyani leadership did during Jammeh era. Did they protest his numerous and callous excesses, am not aware of that. Our prophet fought against Musailimah who proclaimed prophethood at his time, was his response intolerance and over reaction. Anyone who believe that is claiming that what the prophet did was not divinely sanctioned what Allah subhanah wattallah said ” wa ma yantiku annilhawa” meaning he does not act on his own accord.
    The history of qulam ahmad and his parent actions during the British imperialist subjugation of Muslim in indo-pakistan is a reason to be arouse suspicion. The religion was suplanted to undermine jihad against British rule and that was well documented. This is national security issues that has the potential to bite the patience pf the majority so lets be prescient about it. Democracy protect minorities but at the end of the day, it is predisposed majority interest.

    • Lamin, Remember that the people SIC helped jailed wrongly, together with ya ya Jammeh are also father’s and mothers.
      I, in particular, doesn’t beleive in thecAhmadiyan. I attended Nusrat High and could still remember the hottest debate we use to have with Pa Haqq during Basic Arabic classes. However, that is beside the point. Being a Muslim or non-muslum cannot be a yardstick for issuing a TV license. That is what people are trying to put into these war-mungerers half-baked scholars heads.

    • Lamin, it seems then you and those SIC thugs who endosed the killing of prisoners without following proper procedures went to sleep immidiately you did the killing. Remember, all those the SIC membershelped killed or jailed are also fathers and mothers. They only differece is that those victims (like Imams Leigh, Hydara) are innocent honest people whilst Fatty and Touray are always seen circuling around Jammehs bundles of drugs and prostitutes cash.

  13. Andrew
    i have never seen a person with shallow debating skills like you. Leave personalities and addre
    ss the issue. Oslam.belongs to its adherents like nations belongsntomits cotixenry5and they have unalienable right to defend risk to its wellbeing and many shallow minded people to so is equated to fundamentalism. For America or Britain to defend its economic aand political interest is a right democration action but not muslims. What a thick argument.

  14. T 11:39 PM

    I have never seen a person with shallow debating skills like you. Leave personalities and address the issues. Islam belongs to its adherents like nations belongs to its citizenry and they have unalienable right to defend risk to its wellbeing but to many shallow minded people for mualims to so is equated to fundamentalism. For America or Britain to defend its economic and political interest is a right democratic action but not muslims. What a thick argument.


  15. Shortsightedness on your part Lamin!!
    Trying to shove a pill down peoples’ throats?
    Trying to tell me how to live my life?
    Lamin, that mindset belongs of old. You mentioned America and Europe. I did not.
    Keep on doing the bidding for your patrons and you’ll forever harbor misplaced anger towards your neighbor.
    Lamin, I do not expend my energy on frivolous arguments. If you’ll take that for poor debating skills, so be it and I rest my case.
    You follow your beliefs and let others be. Only shallow minded folks call others Kaffirr or Kaafiro. Alimaa Suturo May La.

  16. adrew
    Simple question are you a muslim or not. If so what make you muslim. A muslim is one who testify La illaha illallah Muhammadurr rasoolullah. which entails the finality of prophethood is muhammad peace be in him. If you believe otherwise then you are outside the folk of islam. I will bring evidences if you disagree. This does not mean that my posit is that you should have your own believes, far from the truth that wrong supposition of yours. You can be hindu, budhist or even animalist but you are not a muslim by definition of the ijma of sunni ulama. You are not more learned than them in any facet of knowledge.

  17. Andrew
    No is telling how to live your, what an exaggeration. We jusy saying anyone you thing someone is a prophets after Muhammad peace be upon him is not a muslim. Those that occur to you as a threat or control. come on bro.

    • My brother Lamin Darboe, please leave the Ahmadis alone to practice their faith and worship their creator the way they understand His Message. The issue of their TV license application is not how Gambians understand Islam, but whether every citizen is equal before the law and treated equally by those who administer the law.
      “Democracy”, you said, “protects minority interest, but at the end of the day, it’s predisposed majority interest.”
      Well, the majority of the Gambian people aren’t bothered whether Ahmadis have a TV or not, and if this forum is anything to rely on, then one that say that Gambians want fair treatment for all.

      • Remember that the people SIC helped jailed wrongly, together with yaya Jammeh, are also father’s and mothers. Those they are accusing of being Katie are responsible father’s and mothers.
        I, in particular, doesn’t beleive in thecAhmadiyan. I attended Nusrat High and could still remember the hottest debate we use to have with Pa Haqq during Basic Arabic classes. However, that is beside the point. Being a Muslim or non-muslum cannot be a yardstick for issuing a TV license. That is what people are trying to put into these war-mungerers half-baked scholars heads.

    • Islam is Sunnah ,if you not following the Sunnah you are just not Muslim , I think is this case the sic is defending the Sunnah not allowing Iran spreading the Shia community to the Gambia Ahmediya and Shia are the same they hate Rasul Muhammad and Sunnah so please be careful

  18. Bax
    I don’t think you read my postings properly. No…where did I posit that Qadiyani are not allowed to worship as they wish and when that has been the attitude of Gambians since Jawara Era. We are saying they are not muslims and the overwheliming Muslim majority think so. Your insinuation that it’s intolerance to make such a clarification is misplaced and uninsightful. You are good statistician, extrapolating the mean response in an oneline paper to be representative of the Gambia populace when 99.9% dont read this paper is absolutely preposterous. Perhaps i should say “skew” in statistics.
    Always I admire you acumen in other debates in other online papers but in this topic you are just being cavalier with…..

    • Lamin Darboe, expressing an opinion about someone’s faith (such as calling Ahmadis non Muslims) should not be a problem in a society where freedom of expression and right to hold an opinion is guaranteed and respected. I have no problem with you or anyone else branding the Ahmadis as Non Muslims, and I hope you will grant them the same rights to call you Non Muslims, without any troubles.
      The problem is when you want to use your subjective view of the Ahmadis or any other group, as a premise to curtail the enjoyment of their FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS as Gambians and residents of The Gambia, and when we argue against the granting of a TV broadcasting license to the Ahmadis based on our own subjective views about them, we are, in effect, restricting their manner of worship, as propagating one’s Deen is part and parcel of worship.
      You don’t need to count hands to know if we are bothered about Ahmadi TV. Just listen to what the discussions are on the issues that people are really bothered about, by following local radio stations, GRTS or the local papers. No body talks about Ahmadi permit application because it doesn’t bother them.

  19. I find your statistical extrapolation unintelligent. How many participate in online media, Tv and radio debates, less than one percent. Look how many people attended the Talinding conference who vehemently condemn the TV Application by Qadiyani. You speak like you are not a muslims and as if you dont know about the Seerah of the prophet. The prophet allow jews and Christian to worship and live freely but did not allow Masailimah and Sarja who as the Ghulam ahmad claimed prophethood. He peace be on him fought them and they were killed in the battle of alyamamah, you want to he was wrong to fight the imposters. astagjfirrullah. please ywe need more enlightened discuss yoo.

    • Lamin Darboe, surely you must know that this 1%, which join the discussion on our various media fora about issues that matter to Gambians, and which consists of a cross and diverse section of the population, is much more reflective of the national feelings than a congregation of anti-Ahmadi elements in Tallinding. I certainly would like to think that given the choice of either using our various media platforms or the Tallinding anti-Ahmadi meeting, as resources to gauge the national mood on this licence issue, any statistician worth the name would choose the former because it provides a more representative data for the purpose. So the national feeling could be extrapolated from that data.
      Hadith narrations, on the other hand, are to be treated with extreme caution, but even if the Prophet (saw) did do what you have reported, he (saw) would have been Devinely Informed about this impostor and Commanded to act the way he acted, because he was the messenger of Allah.
      You (anti-Ahmadi) do not have the Devinely inspired knowledge to say who is Muslim and who isn’t or the devine command to deal with them.
      To make the pronouncements you make is to attribute devine inspirations to yourselves, which in itself, is problematic in Islam, isn’t it?
      My brother, practice your Islam the way you believe it to be and let the Ahmadis do the same. “Live and let live” is the best guarantee to peace and mutual coexistence and that’s what will enable us all to worship our God and fulfill our duties.
      May Allah (SWT) grant us the heart for tolerance and love for one another.

  20. Bax, please remind the Darboe fellow that what represents the NSALAW NSALAW (Insah Allah) are twisting the Prophet’s Hadith out of context to serve their own selfish ends. As in the case of the Fatty fellow claiming to be an Imam.
    The mention of the name Andrew should in no way lead an uninformed to the connotation that knowledge of the Quran or the Hadith does not reside therein.
    I have taken the time to read and understand the scriptures plus the way this world revolves. By the way, the sky will never fall! So people of other faiths will thrive in this earth of ours.
    Your “Nasir Ud Deen” Yaya Jammeh will say in Manding, NNA KUYAA TEY EYEH E SAY NYAA NEWUNG.
    I can’t say that of the Darboe fellow that may be looking for a sparring partner.
    His is all Kadhab!!

  21. Bax and Njalo
    Both of you display very superficial knowledge of islam and the principles of Islamic sharia. That is a great pity and you need to work on that before it is late. If you don’t know the islamic perspectives on an issue ask those who know but dont speak with ignorance which you both parade in this debate. You know very little about Qadiyanism and the ijma of Islamic scholars regarding their apostasy. Yours don’t care about your deen and you cloak your self with a spurious aura of enlightenment and progress. You think you are wise but otherwise i guess. I know and believe what i say and is in tandem with the broad understanding of the umma of true muslims not hypocrites. If you want to be lead alright you stand at the back and let the person with the light lead if not the blind will lead the blinf into a blind abyss. i dont mean physical blindness of course. All your protestations here lack merit and devoid of Islamic knowledge and you want to dictate to those who know their deen with your wand of ignorance. Perhaps it is a mistake but try and learn your deen if not you can die like a kaafir while you believe you are muslim. Please read end of sura Mujjadillah verse 22, you will phatom the full import of your spurious representations. To the phantom fellow called the “Gambia” please don’t accuse imams of adultery when you dont have evidence and please always debate with decorum, not with foul mouth if not you will mortgage all your good deeds in the akhira.
    Bax i take you to be very intelligent but your arguments emit lack of k knowledge and perspicacity in this issue.

    • I, in particular, will take that advise and ask humble, honest and upright people. Not cowardly-arrogant thugs like SIC members who issued a Nasu Deen to a Jalang owner.

    • Lamin, I would have listened to your advise if i had seen any sign of honesty and truthfulness in you. However, calling Ahmadians Kafir despite the fact they beleive in the ONNESS of ALLAH and that Muhammad (SAW)is his last prophet and the best Allah has created is unfortunate. You and those SIC thugs need to be reminded that the Holly Prihet has warned that if a Muslim calls another Muslim a kafir, then it is true for one of them.
      One fundermental beleive that is unique to Ahmadians that is not share by other Muslims is the brleive that Essa (AS) was crusified but did not die on the cross. they beleived that he was rescuded and cured and later migrated to Khasmir were he lived as a carpenter until his death. He then came as the promised messia (Imam Mahdi) preaching Islam. Dispite these difference in beleive, I cannot wait to see them start running their TV Station, debating with others maturely without resorting to threats and intimidation – the hallmark of current SIC members and their spondorer the faked Nasirudeen.
      Onething though is cettain about Ahmadians: They work hard to earn their money and spend a lot of it in propagating Islam. They dont sell Islam to the highest bidder – another hallmark of SIC.

  22. Let me tell you I am from Gunjur amd my Good friends are christians and we have neighbours who are manojors yet we get on along cordially. We even eat together in one bowl some times. The neighbouring villages all are manjagos and we get on pretty well since my childhoodm. We gave dwelingbplace and land to firm.This include Masia, tababato, Taa nehneh, kunkujang etc. We have karoninkas who are idols worshippers but we do all live activities with them and religion was never a barrier. My clan gave huge land to some jolas who were at that time close to animalist and we lived happily without any religious provocations. My best friend Sang Mendy was a Christian from Kunkujang and my room mate and friend when i was doing my ACCA was a muslim and became Christian, we didn’t fight but debate with civility and now he is back to the fold of islam. before i left for UK in 1996 every Friday Jahovah witnesses come to my house after asr, we brew attaya and debate and no incidence of hate and impropriety. They don’t call me kaafir and i dont call them so but not the Qadiyani. They have been vociferously challenging us when we go on tabligh Jawla like they have the monopoly over Quranic sciences like Sarf, i dont onow whether Bax knows that Arabic etymology. They call us kaafirs and don’t want to pray with us, marry with us and even burried in the same grave yard except for the last tike they brazenly attempted to force their dead into Talinding grave yard just to cause trouble and earn minority sympathy. We tolerated all these yet shallow people like you who have little knowledge of your deen and qadiyani deen say we should not make a stand but turn the other cheek. As Thatcher posited no no no. please be fare.

    • Lamin Darboe….
      I am not a scholar or even well versed in Qur’an, but I can read and ponder on Quranic verses, as many wonderful works have been done by knowledgeable people for the enlightenment and safeguarding of us illiterates, from fanatical and premitive miseducators. I checked Surah Al-Mujadilah (58:22) you referred to, and it is very clear and unambiguous.
      According to the translation, it talks about people who believe in Allah and the Last Day not having affection for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if they are their relatives.
      I’m asking you Mr Darboe, how does this Verse relate to either me, Andrew or the Ahmadi. Do the Ahmadi oppose Allah and His Messenger?
      The Ahmadi, as far as I know, declare the Sahada, establish prayer, give zakar, observe the fasting and would probably have performed Hajj, if they weren’t barred by the Saudi and Pakistani Governments. How could anyone possibly take you seriously when you insinuate that they oppose Allah and His Messenger?
      Moreover, did I show affection to the Ahmadis by defending their rights to freedom of worship and equal treatment before the law? If yes, then I am very pleased with myself and would happily accept the consequences on the Day of reckoning.
      But I must say, without any disrespect, that I cannot see the relevance of this Verse to this discussion.
      I would rather refer you, Mr Darboe, to a more relevant verse at Surah Al-Hujarat (49:11 {especially the opening statement of the Verse}) which reads:
      “O you who (have) believed, let not a people redicule (another) people; perhaps they may be better than them…..” Stop rediculing the Ahmadi Jaamat. Only Allah (swt) Will Judge them, as indeed, the rest of us.

      • In fact, the verse is a warning to Lamin and the SIC who sided with Yaya Jammeh and jailing people for praying Eid in accordance to Islamic teaching or for opposing the killing of presioners illegally.

  23. of you think yiu can scare is with an epitap of fundamentalism and intolerance think again. if fundamentalism is standing for your deen to establish the truth and avoid falsehood, then that is batch i shall proudly display on my chest. You don’t know the inport of tolerance. It is not accepting any trash thrown at you. Allahumma arinal haqqa haqqan warzukna ittibah wa arrina baatilla baatilan warrjulna ijtina ah

    • And if you, the SIC and you postmaster thinjs that your religious ideology will dictate how people live their lives in The Gambia then you need to go and see psychiatrists.

  24. I will stand my ground and will not allow your empty wailings, pallid and spiritless iconoclastic arguments scare me. If you commands the spirit of your convictions dont hide behind pseudo names and throw stones, that is cowardliness of the highest order. Be man enought to lift the burger if you believe in defending the truth. why the fear. who IS BAX, GAMBIAN AND PJALO. State your names like genuine men.
    why are scared to be known, that tells a lot.

    • Living on drug money like the SIC members and their Nasurudeen Jammeh have been doing is worst than using psudo names. You and those SIC thugs you are trying to defence should growup and stop your hypocricy.

    • Why does unveiling our personalities matter to you, Lamin Darboe? What matters to me, and I’m sure it’s the same for many members in this forum, is the content of our ” opponents’ ” minds and how substantive their arguments are, rather than what they are called or where they were born.
      I take extreme care not to throw stones at anyone, by being mindful of what I say and how I say it, and if I did “throw stones” at you, then I offer my unreserved apologies. Be rest assured that it wasn’t my intention. I always aim to engage people on respectful terms and this cannot be done if I start throwing stones, as respect is mutual.

  25. gambian,
    Did the drug money build your schools, your hospitals, your North/South bank roads, your bridges, your University……? Can you honestly attest that the members of SIC lived on drug money? Can you honestly attest that President Jammeh lived on drug money? I want you to swear in front of your Creator Allah the Almighty(SWT) that all these people lived on drug money and that you “Gambian” can attest to that.

    • Soli, loans and taxpayers money buillet all those and the rest of the money was stollen by the fake Nasirudeen and shared with the SIC members.

  26. You Jalo akways twist peoples words. Who is ridiculing qadiyani here, that is a irksome sentimentalisation and callous allegation. In Gambia do we ridicule qadiyani no. Perhaps you do. If Allah’s messengers pronounced unequivocally in sahih hadiz confirmed and followed by the overwhelming majority of ulama, who are you and Bax to say we should not accept that.
    More than a dozen ulama in Gambia notably Bun Jeng, HATAB Bojang, my own sheik Magumba Gaye, Alagi Nyandu, Badara Faye, Saikouba Jabbi, and many of our luminaries were confronted by Qadiyanis and they cartegotically oppose them. Before them the cream the Ulama of the 9th century some of whom were contemporaries of Ghulam Ahmed declared him an imposter and Kaafir who are you with even lesser intellect to insinuate evil against their decision. Come on dont be blind. Among them was Maududi prolific writer of incredible inetellect not seen in recent times.
    To the “Gambian”, be careful. They say in mandinka “ning emamamoolu mang bang faala kaana ebuloo chikandi”. You are accusing our scholars of pre-eminence of adultery wothout evidence perhaps the contemporaries of your father are alive.
    Reveal your true name and village and I will check your background.
    Jalo, pjalo lift the Burkar and show me your face then i know who i am debating less you are a coward.

    • Your own background is in the open. The clip are with GRTS uf you are interest. However, if you want me to bring it to you, then try again. I have more important thinks to do. If this SIC thugs is what you call Uncle and Fathers, I feel sorry for you. I am not acussong pre-emonent scholars of adultry. I have said is what is portrayed on the Telley and seen by all and sundry…..and that is Fatty, Touray, Jarju et al sitting, beside yaya, under that tent with their white bears watching under-aged half-nacked girls dancing hours in , hours out.

  27. “Gambian”
    what a false identity. It is inequity not no carry the courage of your convictions and fight like a man not behind a closet. For your information I am not a drug pusher, I am practicing chartered accountant and i careless about your derogatory and acidic remarks, Its wailing of a maladroit.
    Bax as i mentioned, yyou u debate a lot online but i observed this time you just being recalcitrant. Did any body oppose Qadiyani worshiping in their own fashion. We lived next door to them and it is them who exhibited the effrotery to quetion our faith and wanting to force us to accept their twisted interpretation and i was a victim of that and the guy is still in UK.
    They are so bold now to jump their minority epithet and want to proseltise in open media to tell the Gambian including your father that his islamic believes are wrong. If you are so timid to make a stand, i will. They say in their books whichni have a copy and tue treaties of Mawdudi thatany muslim is a kaafir if he does not believe in Mirza llanatul laahi

    • Timidity and cowardliness cannot exceed shying away from debates. If you think you are smart, brave, intelligent and educate, and that the Ahmadis are on the wrong side of Islam, then why not look forward to engaging them in the airwaves. Only empty barrels makes the noise you and the Sic is making

  28. Adrew
    I memorise this Sura hujuraat and also its meaning so i don’t need any lecture. I never ridicule anyone but stated the obvious statement in Qadiyani books and the treatise of our eminent ulama. They are far more learned and wise than you and me. Do you know how many people claim false prophethood during the time of tue prophet. Did he entertain them. Did Mirza not claim prophethood and if were in the time of the prophet will He pbuh accept him. So by claiming that he is a prophet is he not opposing Allah and his messenger and you defend him so does this this verse not apply to you. It fits you neatly. They oppose the ijma of the muslim and ijma is a Principe of islamiv jutispridencem so of you oppose the ijma of the umma your oppose Allah and his messenger ” ooloo amring min kung”.
    I don’t think you think before you pen.

  29. Folks, does it appear to anyone that the Darboe fellow is on an ego trip and in the process rattling his sabre to send a message that he’s the ultimate Islamist and purist.
    There’s no room for that in The Gambia as the country is not a Sharia state.
    Darboe is also at liberty to join Boko Haram where he’d be free to live by the sword and ultimately …….
    The spirit in The Gambia has always been that of tolerance of neighbors and all religions. Kombo Kunjuru (Gunjur) is a shining example of tolerance where the elders let animists settle down in peace (Yeh E Jiyaa) to make a living for themselves from Sandali to Nyofele and beyond. Those elders epitomized the true spirit of Islam and living to do the right thing in their world. Didn’t we live to see their sons and daughters thrive in this world? Don’t you recall your old classmates, Bisente, Paul, Umpa and Simong, that walked miles to school, from MENDY AND GOMEZ KUNDA? They’re decent God fearing human beings right?
    The likes of Darboe, the fellow that claims to be a practicing Chartered Accountant (?), may be thriving on money from patrons and therefore must be seen to be the avid KAWANDI LAA in the community with the attendant long beard. Certainly, this fellow hasn’t drawn lessons from the old Gunjur elders that made Gunjur what it is today. The all inclusive Kunjur. Should I mention here that I am connected to Sheikh Hatab Bojang? So BULA NNA KANG NNENG. It’s all good for I’m very thick skinned. Take note that what the elders call LONDO must not be misplaced but must be put to good use. A NAFAA MU WOLETI, the Gujur DUU RINGO.
    Words of advice would be, in Manding, MUNA LAMIN, MAA KUU. KAMBIA (Gambia) MU NYO LONG KUNDA LETI!
    You can choose to go your own path, put on blinkers and proclaim your message at the rooftops but it is clear that your approach is not going to win you more converts to your brand. Sheer verbosity, unchecked statements and insults designed to wear down opponents do not work on members of this forum that are, for the sake of clarity, avid debaters of sound minds and good heads. Take that to the bank Monsieur Expert Comptable!
    A practicing Chartered Accountant that you claim to be, please put your Zakaat to work in Gunjur for the good of the town. It is called charitable giving that will benefit all and sundry including the SEWU DOMO LAALU, that are Kaffirolu in your book. Gambians will get to know and hear about the Gunjur Dingo Meng Firring Ta. KUU KENDEH KAY LAA. That’s where I believe you must redirect your energies. In the midst of the less endowed and under-served. Now that’s the Islam that we’d like to see in The Gambia but not beat up on folks that are already down. That, amounts to immorality and disrespect.
    Folks, I’d urge you all, in the interest of pragmatism and peaceful co-existence, to put this whole matter to rest so it’s not given the legs to move on.
    I will save my gun powder for the real battle. Smile!

    • Andrew, Lamin and the SIC are obcessed and paranoid with the Ahmadis. They are scared of being made irrelevant by the muslim community. Instead of constructive debates, all tgey can do is blackmail and threaten peoole.

  30. Andrew you stated
    “In my book, anyone speaking out against the Ahmadis doesn’t belong to civilized society and is doing the bidding for fundamentalists and external influences that have their hearts and heads in the wrong place!”
    WAS THis poisonous statement made by you. How does this square with the verse in sura Hujoorat you quoted. You qadiayanis as i asserted have penchance for demeaning and vituperating those who don’t accepted your twisted believes and then when they fight back you cry like babies in a guise to attract MINORITY sympathy from misguided democratic iconoclast like the ones who pervert the many discourse in oneline media.
    how preposterous and irksome those statememts. please withdraw them as it parade your vindictive and shallow -mindedness.
    My father and my sheik oppose them so if your father did not believe in Qadiyanism he falls within that malicious statement of yours and if was a Qadiyani then he must repent. Be very careful of uncouth generalisations.


  31. Andrewi
    I think you talk without your brain. Gambian said we are drug pushers which is blantant lie. I am who i am and that is not your business.
    Please go ask people of gunjur whether i dont contribute to the welfare of the people. You have been attacking me in nearly all my articles especially those concerning Chinese factory and i engage you with civility but you are not civil. What is the matter with you to insults people who oppose Qadiyani. Hatab did it, Bun jeng the same so were their brains misplaced. How dare you throw insult on our fathers. it yours who have misplaced brains. Please take back your nonsense and also lift your burga and be manly.

  32. “The likes of Darboe, the fellow that claims to be a practicing Chartered Accountant (?), may be thriving on money from patrons and therefore must be seen to be the a”
    you truly dont know me and doubt you are Gunjur Dooring or you must be very young that you don’t know me. I am from seikoukundaor Darboekunda dooma, where are you from. If you doubt my credentials ask you will know. That is not an emblem i foist arround unnecessarily as it does not make me. I pray that i die with imaan not with qualification. Please remove your burga. it is you who from.start throw ridicule on people refuse doctrine as uncivilized in oeder to scare and tear us down with sich cheap jibs but itbfaiped miserably.

  33. THe Darboe fellow said, “WAS THis poisonous statement made by you. How does this square with the verse in sura Hujoorat you quoted. You qadiayanis as i asserted have penchance for demeaning and vituperating….”.
    What’s vituperating? Is that a word?
    Go back to previous subscriptions to find out who quoted the verse in Sura Hujoorat. That wasn’t me! Smile.
    So Mr angry young man, keep groping about in the dark or should I say in the wilderness. I certainly wouldn’t wish that your conflicted nature, KANG FAA, MING DO and hallucinations don’t get the better of you in the wilderness as you’ve now become a lone voice on this forum.
    E NING BAARA and keep wrapping your head around the age old Touray Kunda and Darboe Kunda feuds in Dabanani.
    I stated earlier that I will rest my case to save my gun powder for worthier battles.

  34. Andrew
    Lift your burga and have the courage of your convictions. throwing cowardly jabs behind a burga is an indication of spineless hypocrisy because you can afford to lie as no one knows your true identity.
    Look the at the blatant lie you insinuate about rivalry in Gunjur.
    Do you know my granddad Alkali Nyanku Tumanding’s mother is Touray and close relative Alagie Saback. That he marry his son to Famara. Who enthroned Kombo Sillah if not Lang Sona. Don’t bring this unrelated stuff into this debate.
    I think you need to save your energy to study islam properly and get off this spurious liberalist ideas which is anathemic to reality.
    True people don’t hide behind pseudo names but bare their chest and fight, that is courage. I am Lamin Darboe nothing more nothing less and i start fighting Golden Lead with even more vigour and i can sense you are the mastermind behind it and i am not afraid of your clout. I will come for holidays this year inshallah and say this at your face.

  35. Andrew
    Its better to stand alone with God than to stand with 1000 sayateen. I am a family man and well endowed alhamdillah so those spurious assertions of your are hot air. salam manitaba al huda.

  36. As a Muslim, I believe & attest to Islam being my true religion. I believe every Muslim must contribute to propagation of the religion in aspirations of the Devine rewards in here on earth, & more so the hereafter in the heavens…
    Where the debate goes, must be on the ‘secularism’ of the people community of the Gambia; as a country collective of a family fraternity comprising of Muslims & non Muslims, who all are entitled to be treated in equality; hence the Constitution have to provide equally for everyone else regardless; collective communal interests overall in conformity must uphold at all times….
    The Ahmadis TV licence application issue is rather a challenge for the Muslims in Gambia that must have to be faced & take upon differently in the right way; the Ahmadis, like everyone else are entitled under the constitution for a TV licence if they meet the conditions for applications. The SIC too can apply for their own TV licence to continue to debate & counter all the other religions as have been all along for time…
    The SIC argument on ‘adulteration’ on our minds, will not make any difference than from the past; Ahmadis have schools & hospital in the Gambia but it is only those few who joined their religion optionally, as we all are entitled in our individual rights to believe &/ refuse to believe; a colleague & cousin who attended the Bundung Ahmadiyya school & graduated, through our numerous debates on Ahmadiyya & mainstream Islamic beliefs said they had a religious teacher called ‘Pa Haq’ at the time, who proclaimed the last ‘messiah Mahdi’ proclaimed in Pakistan; but (quoting my friend directly), he opined to me, ‘that their mahdi can’t be a messiah because he (mahdi) was said to have collapsed & died in a toilet; surely he can’t be, I think he’s been punished by Allah, as the signs, for false proclamation’; he (my friend) said one of the fellow students in his class ever raised the issue with pa Haq but he (Haq) reacted angrily which makes them (the students) to believe was the case…
    The Ahmadis got the medical facilities too additionally but they never managed to adulterate our minds much; I doubt they will be able to do so much with the TV either…
    I would like to draw my fellow Muslims in the Gambia to one of the Prophet Mohammed’s (SAW) notable sermons where he was said to have urged to refrain the Muslims from ‘jihad by sword’ (forceful/violence) & adhering us to ‘jihad by tongue’ (mouth/debate) from thenceforth….
    The prophet was said to have put emphasis & urged us to rather spread the word of God, sell & spread Islam by (tongue/mouth) in debates within ourselves & non-Muslims too in the community & world over; in that, we will face all sorts of obstacles but we must have to conform & match & adapt to the challenges at all & any times, including under the current secularity of the Gambia Constitution ensuring equality to all Gambia….
    The denial of the TV licence to the Ahmadis will be suppression of their constitutional rights & ‘jihad by sword’; the government of the Gambia have mandatory obligations to all the citizenry regardless; the Muslims can only rise up to the Ahmadis technological challenge & match or even surpass them by registering our own TV but not through denial of their licence & suppression of their rights…..

  37. These are liberal views and your entitled to them but it is contrary reality all over the world. US is now going after RT and Sputnik.because they feel they are a threat to national security and UK is no exception. They refused our Tabligh mega mosque in West Ham becuase of local opppsotion when large petcemtage5of that area in non English. This is because the local government view building the mosque as threat to communal relations.
    Even in sharia is a principle call Marslaja Mursala where a judgement is postponed because that will be greater good for the society.

  38. Lamin, the evidence is whether Liberal or Conservative & humanity views, Muslims & non-Muslims lived in coexistence before & after the propagation of Islam & other religions &/ sects from time immemorial; & continue to be, to the material time, to date; & that have to continue regardless of divergent views &/ opinions; every human being have rights equally under the Gambia constitution regardless of our different religious beliefs; the Gambia is a ‘secular state’ with many religious beliefs among which Islam is one, out of the lot…
    Muslim can’t deny others their constitutionally statutory rights as equal citizens of the Gambia…

  39. Liberal or shall say neo-liberal hypocrisy really knaw at my conscience and made me question whether man is dictated by conscience or animalistic desire because the level of injustice and blantant manipulation is so astounding. Its just like Orwellian Animal firm where all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
    TODAY all over so called enlightened western world Islamic veil is being banned on flim excuse of social cohesion. Women can appear nearly naked but they cannot put on burga or face veil.
    In France muslim women are banned from visiting beaches or swim in muslim swim suit? they have to appear nude to appease the curious eye of pervert onlookers. Muslim women who defied it were wrestled to the ground byy the very police who ate supposed to protect them. They got fined and an Arab Prince paid.
    In the same France, the Charlie Cheddo can ridicule the prophet of islam but a French black Comic Diuedone is jailed for caricaturing the Holocaust. Freedom of speech for one but abuse for another what an oxymoron.
    In Uk National front is allowed to spread their poison of hate but the ikwaan is banned.
    You can go on and one to narrate liberal hypocrisy arround the world from western world to India to China and even in Africa.
    Public interest and security is cited as paramount to free speech and association when it suits liberals but when muslims protest they are branded as fundamentalist.
    If the Qadiyani who enjoyed unparalleled freedom in Gambia are given a TV platform when they command beyween 0 and 1% of the population to tell the 99% that their fathers and grand fathers are all going to Jahannama because they don’t accept Mirza as the final prophet not Muhammad pbuh. What do you think will be the ultimate repercussion.
    Soon the Salafi will have their own TV and so the Tablighi and tensions rise and their is a call for Jihad keeping in mind a massive young population without employment. What will happen folks, tell me, another Mali or Boko Haram.
    why should a proper muslim alienate his Jamma, his own people for a comic Mirza.
    Do you think the scholars who evinced a fatwa in 1973 are bunch of illetrates who are divorced from the realities of thw world. They were cream of scholars at that time. Hajj is for muslims not non-muslims and moreover if a sect claim visiting Qidyan is 100X better than hajj, why does he then complained when a decision was taken to bar them from Macca and medina.
    Lift up the veil of hypocrisy and be pragmatic. Our prophet fight and kill all imposters who claimed prophethood yet he wellcome amd live hapily with jews and Christians why, are you better or you have bettet approach. By opposing Allah and his messenger, you are literally a Kaafir.

  40. Conflicted, conflicted and conflicted young fellow.
    Look at who’s using the term, Liberal. A first generation immigrant to the UK.
    Darboe, it doesn’t matter that you hail from ALMAMEH KUNDA, MANSARING SUU or SEYFU KUNDA, it is clear that you’re getting it all wrong.
    Keep spending valuable time with OLD bearded fellows with the head garbs and you’ll keep drifting away from your roots! Sad.
    Unless you believe that your Gambian traditions are also unorthodox and typify KAAFIRIYAA, then you’re at liberty to find your own destiny.

  41. Lamin, the Gambia is no Arabia, most of our women don’t wear burqa/hijab; if injustices are being committed in France, UK & US that doesn’t mean Gambia too need to suppress anybody’s constitutional rights for the very same unjust reasons…
    The collective community is what matters against our individualistic opinions regardless; The Gambia was totally different before Islam even came into propagation; & that’s how it remains under the secularity of our Constitution which must accommodate, the Qur’an, Bible, & all the other holy books collectively in conformity for harmonious coexistence of all…
    Lamin, I know you & have no doubt who you said you are; (I’m not in debate for the limelight) it’s ONLY for societal advancement endeavours which motivates I for one; please don’t call me a kafir again otherwise you have no debate with me because I’m not in the debate for abuse; so I will now choose who to respond to pending on the individual attitudes; thank you

  42. Bajaw
    I hope you understand my statement. I am making a general term that anynone who oppose Allah and his messenger is a kaafir. This is Qur’an difinition and if you want evidence i will provide the right verse. How can I call you kaafir when I may not know you. The bajaw i know is Bajaw Jammeh.
    I don’t understand why you guys put words in my mouth. Did I ever state that Qadiayani should be bannned or mistreated while they have been welcomed in Gambia before i was born. I submited that giving them TV is against the national security interest and against the majority 95%. If that is problem for you then you are intolerant.
    I dont seek lim light either. Believe me even they want to make me president today i will reject it because I don’t need it. I am more concerned about making my Allah happy for the few moments have left of my life.
    Please which Bajaw is this.

  43. Andrew Conteh
    You go and tell that to your Chinese Golden Lead company who are destroying our fish resources and environment and you chose to defend them. You guys by your greedy disposotion schemed the destruction of our village for greedy self interest and that is what I challenged and that challenge you.
    I like on a liberal society but is ptagmatic ans don’t blind follow lineral views. by deen and live by it so hold it, hold your caricature and itnis tantamount to pouring water on gourd (miranngo).
    Anyone who know me well will tell you am the most helpful and friendliest person you can meet but carry the courage of my convictions.
    Also ask those who were in muslim high school 82-87 and in 6th form 87-89, am not lacky who hide behind spurious pseudo name and throw mud.
    Who are youm throw away burga.

    • confutionist!!! Muslim High school? A Level? Is there any Sukutatarian around to force this man take his medecine? That will save us all a lot.

  44. Lamin, mine is Bajaw Touray, I have problem with the limelight, which is in my own my right of choice but not cowardice…
    I understand your defense of your position but I’m also entitled equally, to my adherence to the prophet’s emphasis on ‘jihad by tongue’ alternatively in one of his notable sermons; this makes me no kafir by all & any definitions whatsoever…
    The Gambia is no sharia country but a secular Constitution Community were all are accommodative & have equal rights to practice our individual & religious beliefs differently without hindrances from anyone…
    The Holy Prophet was said to have remarked to the following, ‘always help your neighbour’; the followers asked, ‘we know how to stick together & stand by our neighbour when s/he is wronged/transgressed against but what should we do when our neighbour wrongs/transgresses against someone too?’ the noble soul (SAW) was said to have responded, ‘tell him/her the naked truth as it supposed to be said’….
    The responsibility of the Muslims in the Ahmadis TV issue lies matching the challenge in registering our own TV not by threatening & denying their human rights under the constitution of the state….

  45. Bajaw
    Sorry i am writing a long article on this same topic address to the president and you have chance to re-debate on it again. I disagree with your import of the prophets statement and please ask ulama. Qadiayani are the same category as Musailima and Sarja we knew how the prophet dealt with them and I believe whatever he did was divinely guided because Allah said so.
    National interest and national security takes precedence over minoritu rights.
    Bajaw i dont k know you bit I have seen your debates amd just like Bax i did have great respect for your sense of proportion yet we differ in this issue and respect that. If Qadiyani uave their own religion like Christians, no Gambian ulama and my humble seld will eaise any alarm but Qadiyani omeunser the guise of islam to confuse insuspecting muslims on many occasions with ofgee of money. If Toyota use Fiat emblem they will be prosecuted and no company use another companies letter head or stamp. it is not unacceptable.

  46. That’s exactly why, Lamin, the mainstream Muslims need to redouble our efforts in adapting, conforming & matching the Ahmadis TV licence application by either redoubling our dissemination awareness efforts to sensitise one another to understand the complexity of the ahmadiyya underhand dealings or establish our own religious TV; it’ll be a denial of their constitutionally entitled rights under the secularity of the statutory state laws currently, in this modern day & age of tolerance & accommodation in peaceful harmonious coexistence in the Gambia…

  47. Bajaw
    This debate can go on and on. Look at my next which is coming and even if Jollof news refuse to publish it, freedom will and i want disseminate it to Gambian papers like point and Standard.
    In Uk their rule of law and adherence to constitutional rights even though they don’t have a written one however Loius Farkhan was barred from visiting UK yet he has a strong following. It was done in public interest. Sallim al amri, DR Billal Philips, Imran Hosein to name the few were banned in Europe when them europeans give more weight to human rights than Gambian but public interest was the paramount consideration. India Banish Dr Naik, they are a constitutional country and secular state but they cite public interest as reason gor his barnishment due to pressure from Hindu nationalist. Qadiyan is in India and we gave them them more tolerance than their country of birth. we accord them muvh sympathy and acceptance because of our corrupt politicians and lack of knowledge. when Anyone want to teach people about them, he will be nailed with fundamentalist epithets. Its only black world who kill their own prophets for foreign people but indians don’t. Look how black students are discriminated there and no one talk about constitution. If salafi, Talighi all demanded TV station soon conflict will ensure and with unemployment at episemic level, a simple call to jihad will burn the keg under our fit. Let them stop where they are period. Thats enough.

  48. Lamin be rest assured, I haven’t & can’t miss your side of argument; sure, injustices do occur everywhere, even right under our very own eyes; that’s how & why we arrived at this very juncture which essentially makes this particular debate vitally crucial for truth (which is Allah (SWT) HIMSELF) for the Gambia as a country, in equality for all holistically in diversity (differences) in opinions, beliefs, social associations, etc….
    There are injustices everywhere else including our very own Gambia currently in this very attempt by SIC to suppress someone else’s rights to equality, instead of doing the right thing & match the Ahmadis financial & technological mussles…
    Additional to world events you cited, it’s by the kanilai killer devil’s past meddlings too & politicisation of some of the religious figures additionally to other injustices around the world which is giving the SIC & others in the mainstream Muslims thinking that they too can also bend the truth; swore the president on the Qur’an at inauguration, in ‘our conviction that we subscribe & commit’ to a secular societal constitution collectively on lip services only but not truly in practice….
    Lamin if SIC happens to apply for TV licence, for example, they’ll be approved; the selective use of truth & justice is wrong in all & everything including in Islam religion equally…
    Nobody is entitled to stir inferno in Gambia to burn the innocent collective community including our very own bedrooms without any iota/shred of doubt; ‘violence always gives birth to the elder brother’ – Manding adage….
    Both Islam & Ahmadiyya beliefs originated from outside the Gambia, but even if they both were founded in Gambia, Mr Trawally the Ahmadi is a Gambian like you & I, for example, why does one like Mr Abdoulie Fatty, for example, originally from Cassamance & (equally) Gambia by migration can have any right to deny the other….?
    Please, Mr Lamin, let’s not get sentimental when perplexed with obstacle/challenges but face the reality & take upon our fellows in realistic ways viable which is by establishing our own TV licence but not by suppression of the other peoples’ rights by hiding behind ‘majority claims’ ‘because others are doing it elsewhere’ which we all agree, acknowledge & admit is in fact wrong whether, in UK, US, EU, Myanmar (Burma) &/ Gambia…
    The prophet’s (SAW) adherence have refrained us from sword/violence/forceful jihad in one of his sermons; & urged us to our adaptation in conformity to times (to face/come) ahead by reverse/resort to ‘jihad by tongue/mouth/debate’ in selling & spreading the word of God to live peacefully by each other in coexistence…
    In our this times & age, conventional warfare is rather in technology which isn’t & can’t be controlled by Muslims alone everywhere; Muslims, alongside everyone, are & can only be players among & within…
    The SIC can’t take advantage of the dire economic status of our innocent people which are principally the makings of the kanilai type of a murderer-devil alongside the abetting of ‘some of us’ unfortunately…
    This can only (indicate/point to) show some embarrassing exposure for the SIC in particular at this material time, which they are trying to cover up, by playing on the unsuspecting population’s mindsets rather than admit & taking stock in making up for their financial clarity in dealings in name & spirits of accountability, probity etc on much of the donations they continue to receive on behalf of Muslims Umma; there is nothing stopping the SIC from seeking a TV sponsorship from Saudi Arabia, for example; Lamin, I think we (Muslims) are barking (trying to climb) the wrong tree here; in our this gimmick for wrongful suppression of the Ahmadis TV licence application, instead of the manning up & face the truth & reality…

  49. Bajaw
    The world today in reality is not runed by strict adherence to constitution drafted by experts, packaged and force on the people who are hardly informed or understand its contents. Gambia has one of the highest iliteracy rates in the world and less than 50% have neither radio nor television. so they blindly or out of polical pressure from s ruling government to approve a guiding document in which they have little imput. World politics especially in the west is run by pragmatiam and the need to meet public intetest because if not the politicians can be kicked out. It is the less develop countries like Africa that ignores the interest of its people because they know they can always manipulate the elections. This is no emotions peddling but the reality in the world, not illogical adherence to a constitution penned by the elites. We need to tailor situations to the realities on the ground in way that preserve peace and security. That exigencies override outdated constitution which did not pronounce the new reality.
    I am convince that if there is referendum today on this issue, should the Qadiyani have a TV , there will be a resounding NNOOOOOOO. Its only the petty insightful secularists removed from reality hounds the trumpets of constitution constitution when the keg of potential insecurity is being crafted. The people though unenducated conventionally knows 96% interest comes before 0.2%.

    • Quote@Lamin Darboe: ” Gambia has one of the highest iliteracy rates in the world and less than 50% have neither radio nor television.”

      50% don’t even have a tv set, never mind electricity and you want to call a Jihad to stop Ahmadis from obtaining a tv license? Lol

  50. The words are, Charlie Hebdo!
    Get your facts right before claiming expertise.
    I have a real problem with folks that go ranting in narratives without due regard to syntax, spell check or congruence of ideas.
    Half education and misinformation can be very dangerous to one’s aspirations.
    The gentlemen that are working to reason with you Darboe clearly have their work cut out for them.
    I really do sympathize with your circumstances Kombonko.
    Incidentally, I’m from Kombo too, well grounded and fluent in 5 Gambian languages. Also familiar with DUU RING SILOLU in and around Gunjur.
    However, I suppose that in your neighborhood and circles, I wouldn’t be seen as a SAA MUTA NYO on account of my name.
    Here lies one of the major wedges in The Gambia.

  51. pjalo conteh
    You are not more educated than me and you don’t know Quran more than me. I am using a mobile phone and doing other things. i am not hear to trade invectives with shallow cowards like you who hide behind spurious names to throw dirt on others. If you are manly enough you will not hide behind a bogus name. I can smell your origins. one who gunjur give much favour but by their greed threw dirt on us by bringing in hungry chinese to destroy our resources for a pittance.
    I am an accountant by profession and have worked for accountant General for 7 years before pursuing my ACCA and Mba. English literature is noy my area, I am just trying. Tell you what, you cant bit me in Arabic sarf. Everyone is emdowed in something so dont bluff here. I ready for you keep coming.

  52. Now I’d refer you to the short, lowly Sura, Al Kauthar.
    Draw your lessons from there! Advice from “Conteh” Keh.
    Now I will commit to uncovering your deficiencies in the Quran and Hadith!
    Let’s go! You may just decide to stay a bean counter. Otherwise, you’ll become what in Wollof is labeled, TAATI NENE AMUL TUUBAYE. No legs to stand on!
    Aren’t accountants of the same ilk as Customs Officers and those sinners that sat at the weighing machines (BASKILOLU) at the Seccos that robbed Kombo farmers of their sweat?
    You could find use for the rounded edges and refinement that come with an MBA buddy. What’s apparently missing in your character.
    No embellishment of half truths going forward.

  53. I can see you are now defunct of ideas to sustain constructive criticism and stooping so low that I am afraid i have to stop. You are the one who started calling us “misplaced brain” “have our conscience checked”. In my penultimate article on Golden lead, you called me liars and one who use Bantaba gossip but i refrained from trading virulent invectives and here you are again.
    A tiger cannot forsake it spots and in mandika they say ” yirikunto meiyta baakono nya wo nya abika ka keh bamboti.
    I can equally speak Wollof and classical arabic and memories quarter of Qur’an so don’t parade your credentials here. i have studied Hanafi Figh and Hafiz herebin an Aalim Alkawthar academy.
    on the cinventional front, Go and ask The current Finance minister who was your principal accountant at control unit in accountant general, then you will know i am not half-baked professional you intimated.
    The debate is about Qidiyani Tv not about you or me. Please stick to that. I am the only kombonka i guess you debating with. Please keep Kombokas and kombo out of this, it is the live blood of the Gambia.
    My stand does not change because your contention of supremacy of constitutional rights at expense of public interest is not valid argument in my opinion because it is devoid of pragmatism in current dispensations of our time.
    You were the only one adamant on the expedience of Golden lead exploitation of our flora and fauna and was so recalcitrant to the extent of bullying me with wrong and vicious superlatives. why.

  54. The substantive issue here is not “Golden Lead/Leaf” but that the Ahmadi community has the same rights as any other religious body, individuals and other affiliations to be accorded the license and rights to a TV station.
    If you’ll find it in your character to acquiesce to upholding the inalienable rights of persons and bodies that you consider non-Islamic to appear and be heard on national airwaves, then I do not have to wage a fight.
    I will, in the interest of pragmatism and decency, keep fighting for the rights of minorities and the under-served and will not let bullies like you and those of your ilk usurp the common platform that’s meant to serve all and sundry.
    Please note that, going forward, folks that share my views will not only put our monies where our mouths are but will work actively to drive injustice and intolerance out of our midst. Particularly where such acts are promoted by puppet groups and fat-headed individuals with not so well rounded edges and/or refinement.
    And by the way, I live if the US. The land that’s, in your view, the home of the infidels and Satan. I also own property around Sandele Lodge. So you can ask your following to go torch it (as in set ablaze) to show me MAASIBO.
    Boy, are you in for a rude awakening!

    Conteh Keh

  55. Principal Accountant!
    Pleaaase! We’ve seen folks, square pegs in round holes, under Yaya Jammeh that went to the School of MBAYE WAAHU aka School of YAMARY SINDO that also became Principal Accountants but couldn’t do much beyond posting credit and debit transactions.
    Lang, Kombonko, LONDO E KAA NYINING NEH, KAA BATU JAY to benefit from the resource.
    However, in The Gambia that we know, the fake Taalibolu and WAYE GISS LENE MA pose a persistent humdrum that making all right thinking folks sick to the stomach.
    LET FREEDOM REIGN, LET FREEDOM REIGN Lang Darbo Conteh JULA. Let people be! Smile

  56. I dont reward rudeness and arrogance with competitiveness but sober and constructive argument which you are devoid of. I don’t parade my properties and wealth but ask anynone from Ginjur who know me well. If it is property my friend I have a portfolio. All that is nothin in the eye of Allah more than the wing of a mosquito.
    I have seven kids and some going to university studying medicine. I dont envy anyone for worldly material endowment doing so is foolish and arrogant, boy mature up.
    I stand on the same platform as in the begining and no waiver. I have just sent my article to this paper and i am ready for you again.
    Please no insults and unnecessary verbiage, it add no value to the argurments. Bax and Bajaw argure on the merits of the topic but you skate on wave of personalities and self aggrandizement. A trait of unintelligent igorant moron, what eerie oxymoron. Remember i am using a mobile so excuse my syntax and grammer. I am an not genius in writing like u.

  57. Adrew conteh
    what minority right you fighting for. Are the Ahmadis under threat in the Gambia. The only issue is TV application and we argure that it will set in motion a dangerous precedence of a minority religion controlling a vital media platform to question the belief of 95% of the country and their forefathers.
    The ulama who questioned the judiciousness of such a measure ate only SIC but across tye contry and you brand them are fundamentalist and those with misplaced. Now if one of them is my uncle do you expect me to clap for you.
    In the Qafiyani book, Mirza said he was better than Jesus becauae he was not a drunkard as jesus love spirits to the extreme of turning water to wine and that his mother was not a harlot, alludingnto jesus virgin birth whivh he seem to have questioned implicitly. What do you think some Christian will feel if they are exposed to their garbage.
    Some of them ulama like sheik Jaiteh and Ceeday are not SIC, they are more experienced and more educated than you but no, u see every religious issue they defend as a misguided brahaha to foist intolerance.
    You are not on the same pedestal of beneficial knowlege and understanding of deen as them and you dont understand contemporary issues more than them.
    The debate here has less than 20 participants how their opinion be a random sample of Gambians. please spare us your chest thumping and insatiable arrogance and self laudation. Its means nothing here. Have you heard anynone’s property burn down in the history of the Gambia for debating on religious point. what a preposterous insinuation. You use the same tactic to scare me on my article on Golden Lead because you hate those who defend their environment from your callous and insensitive adventure. why you sure it fit to defend issuing TV licence for Qadiyani bilit you don’t see it fit to defend Gunjur from dangerous fishing and environmental destruction by foreign chinese family in Gunjur for the selfish ends of yor master Conteh. What an intelligent fool of stupendous literary ability. You shout minoirty minority but you put the neck of the majority to the guillotine of chinese vandals.

  58. So what makes you belief, in the absence of a referendum, that your position of beating up on the Ahmadi community represents the majority view of Gambians?
    In your mind The Gambia that’s 65 percent Muslim overwhelmingly supports your archaic and rusty concepts. That’s your deduction? Right?

  59. I meant to say, So what makes you believe…

  60. Bax
    please check this link ti standard newspaper in the Gambia you will see sentiment proffered