FATOU CAMARA(JollofNews) – Weeks since the violent attacks on Gambian journalist Fatou Camara by President Yahya Jammeh’s security personnel at the recent

US-Africa summit in Washington DC, the city’s police have declined to confirm whether investigations into the matter are ongoing.
The Information Office of Washington DC Metropolitan Police has re-directed JollofNews to contact the Secret Service when we requested an update on investigations into the alleged assault case, which continues to draw headlines as calls for justice intensify.
‘’Please contact the secret service regarding your request,” reads a short email dated August 11, 2014 and signed by Officer Hugh Carew as he responded to the JollofNews’ request, whilst a second request to the said office produced no response.FATOU CAMARA
The ex-Gambian TV talk show host Fatou Camara, who recently launched online news site Faturadio.com was rushed to a hospital after she was repeatedly assaulted while a member of Yahya Jammeh’s security was taken for questioning.
The Gambian leader was among 50 African Heads of State who attended the Washington DC gathering, and his hotel was besieged by Gambian activists protesting against his dictatorial regime. The demonstrations resulted in President Jammeh missing most of the summit including important events such as the opening ceremony and the business forum.
To many observers, the attack meted out on Fatou Camara along with other activists, Sam Phatey, Coach-Pa Samba Jow and Ousainou Mbenga was a response to the humiliation that Jammeh and his entourage were subjected to by the protesters. The protests exposed the true face of a regime that promotes the abasement of the rule of law and civic liberties.