The Minister of Environment and Climate Change has expressed government’s readiness to enforce the ban on illegal timber trade.

Rohey Jones Manjang is currently on a nationwide tour with messages of climate change mitigation and embracement of environmental best practices.

She’s also using the tour to express government’s ‘uncompromising’ posture towards illegal timber trade.

It would be recalled that the environment minister had an engagement with a working group on timber export trade last week and shortly after emerging from that meeting which was also attended by the Vice President, the environment minister told the State broadcaster that she has been tasked by President Barrow to turn every stone to ensure the enabling policy environment is created to regulate the timber trade.

Meanwhile as she rubs elbows with staff under her purview, the new environment minister has been showing every indication of a ‘burning desire’ to make a headway in what her predecessor failed.

She expressed the steel determination to rein in illegal timber business.

According to reporters accompanying the minister, she has been using the illegal timber trade as one of the centrepieces of her nationwide tour.

The minister was quoted by Paradise TV as saying that she wished to enforce the ban on illegal timber trade by being stringent in the application of the regulations.

She was also quoted as saying government will ramp up its engagements with stakeholders in the timber trade with a view to regulating the sector.