I’m deeply honored and happy to be here today to witness this important ceremony, the inauguration of the Sanyang Police Station.

As a patriotic citizen, it is my responsibility to take part in my nation’s development especially when it comes to the security of my country. This is why I did not think twice when the thought of participating in my country’s development came to my mind.

I was displeased when I received the news of the incident that happened at the Sanyang police station which was unfortunate and scary. A police station is a security place and when it is threatened then the people are equally at risk because it serves as a security centre for its people.

I deemed it very necessary to play my part in helping to bring back the life of the police station without expecting any favors from anybody but I did it out of the love I have for my country The Gambia. You will all agree with me that the best commodity we export as Gambians is peace, so anything done to maintain that peace is never a waste but a profitable investment. This Sanyang police station is not only for the people of Sanyang but for everyone in The Gambia whether a Gambian or not. So instead of planning to cause destructions to it, we should protect it from harm because it protects us from harm.

Reconstructing this Station was a heavy project but it was worth it because the country needs security places to safeguard the citizens and protect their rights. It is a 2.2 million dalasi project which I willingly and humbly sponsored as a contribution for the betterment of my own country. So being here to attend this occasion means a lot to me because it is a confirmation to me that my investment made a successful outcome and I am so happy about that. I thank all the workers and everyone who assisted in the process of the construction.

Sanyang police station now boasts of a living quarters, mosque, spaces for SIS, GID and DLEAG.

I will conclude by urging youths to engage themselves in profitable works to develop themselves and stay away from any form of violence because the damages caused by violence can be very severe to one’s life and country.

I thank everyone who has come to grace this important occasion with us especially my team who are always behind me supporting.

Thank you.