The Gambia National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) is today expected to dole out food aid to flood victims in West Coast Region almost 11 days after floods hit parts of the country.

According to some statistics, about 114,000 people have been directly affected by the floods, precipitated by rainfall quantity, never seen in the country for the past 34 years.

As the humanitarian needs of victims grew and became more complex and dire, the NDMA’s relief coordination efforts have come under severe criticism.

“I think we should’ve passed this stage of the relief efforts. NDMA should’ve provided assistance to the victims from the word go,” Jabou Kanteh of Jabang told JollofNews.

“This is an overdue process (food distribution). It’s too little, too late,” argued Musa Ceesay currently sheltering in one of West Coast’s emergency accomodations.

“We are now more worried about diseases. We hear of rash and threat of Cholera outbreak. This is our major concern now,” another flood victim told JollofNews.