Governance, we’re told, is a collective responsibility.

It was just yesterday when Vice President Badara A. Joof visited flood-affected areas to see for himself the human miseries engendered by the floods.

And to, of course, report back to government so that it can immediately set upon the task of coordinating urgent relief efforts.

Instead of convening an emergency Cabinet meeting to see how the country’s response capabilities could be enabled, President Barrow today left State House, ostensibly to empathize with the weekend floods victims.

This was a misstep because if at all governance is all about shared responsibility, President Barrow should’ve been at State House today, listening to his vice report to him what he saw yesterday.

This is an emergency situation that requires serious interventions.

Instead of duplicating Mr Joof’s efforts and in the process wasting resources that could be crucial in the relief efforts, President Barrow should’ve been busy with his Cabinet, scratching heads for answers.

This is no time for a charm offensive!

This is a time for serious business!