Akon sings Africa

By Kemo Cham
US-Senegalese music icon, AKon, has embarked on a Pan-African project. The singer has themed up with a number of artists to release a singles video, titled ‘Oh Africa’. The music video which reportedly premiered last January 31, coinciding with the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards, features AKon himself and US artist, Keri Hilson. It also features 16 young artists from around the world, plus occasional cameos of two of football’s most famous figures; Fernando Torres, Premier League side Liverpool’s Spanish player, and Chelsea’s Ivorian striker, Didier Drogba. A captivating aspect about this singles is its theme of vibrantly-colored African visuals. “The whole aura of it is so fun, the color, the painting and the drums,” Akon himself was quoted by entertainment site Aceshowbiz.com. “It brings out all the cultural parts of Africa you can ever think of and it doesn’t even seem like a video, it seems more like a work of art that just happens to be a video. I hope you enjoy the look behind the scenes.” Apart from the pictures, the messages are inspiring, envisaging a resilient and victorious Africa. But, most importantly, proceeds generated from the sales of the video will go towards development of African youth, according to Aceshowbiz.com. The track has been tipped to form part of a forthcoming album called Stadium Music, according to Senegalese website, Seneweb, the fourth album of the artist, after Trouble (2004), Konvikt (2006) and Freedom (2008). There is also rumor that the track might also feature at the opening of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa later in June, the first ever to be staged on the continent, where the star has since been appointed by world football governing body as musical director for the tournament. In addition to the task of recording the official anthem for the 2010 edition of the football World Cup, AKon is also honored to be appearing at the opening ceremony of the world tournament. “I was hired as artistic director. I will oversee the national anthem and ceremonial music. I love football, it’s a great honor,” Akon famously said in May, shortly after his appointment was announced.

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