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Gambia: Jammeh Bows Down To Pressure, Agrees To Go Into Exile

Presidents Jammeh and Aziz

(JollofNews) – Barely a few hours before his mandate expires, President Yahya Jammeh of the Gambia is reported to have accepted a last-minute deal to relinquish power peacefully and go into exile.

According to reports from Banjul which are yet to be independently confirmed, Mr Jammeh agreed to step down  in the interest of peace and stability of the Gambia after a tense closed door meeting with the visiting president of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz.

Reports added that Mr Jammeh will leave for Mauritania tonight with President Aziz.

It is not clear whether he will settle there permanently or move to another country.

Mr Jammeh’s mandate expires at midnight tonight after his surprised defeat in last month’s election by opposition candidate Adama Barrow.

He had vowed to cling to power after accusing the country’s electoral commission of rigging the election in favour of the opposition.

His attempt to overturn the election result at the Supreme Court has been delayed because of a shortage of judges as most of the judges come from neighbouring countries.

Neighbouring Senegal and Nigeria have threatened to storm Banjul militarily and enforce last month’s election results unless he steps down by midnight.


  1. Thank God he has agreed to step down. Hope other Africa leaders learn from this. God bless Africa continent.

  2. Yes he should have done this since but thank God that he agree to step down peacefully.and lets see what Mr barrow have for us Gambia nd.

    • My advise to you MR Adam when yay ah jamel hand in power please do not run behind him for any thing for the Shake of the people give him change to stay in the country and do his faming just start where he stop and continue from there please

  3. Let him go where ever he wants. His crimes will eventually catch up with him. I welcome the resolution of the issue peacefully but I do not belief that Jammeh is leaving because he wants peace. He is fleeing because he is a coward and does not want to die. The only language he understands is force. He thought that ECOWAS was bluffing about forcefully removing from power but the message hit home today when he show the might and quality of force ECOWAS is mobilising to deal with him. Let the healing process begin.

  4. I agree with you entirely, he is a coward time and resources waster. He should still face the music of being tried for all the heartache he cause to the Gambian. He is not so big now ranting about the ecowas forces, he is a puppet with his tail behind his legs. I hope time catches with him for all the bad things he is done to our peaceful country. Yaya you don’t have the last say good redeems , get on that plane with your sorry face and humiliation. You not a true Gambian.

    • True bro I applauded you, he was destine to be a precident by god and he did some good stuff in The Gambia as as a sierra leonian who has love and worked in the hospitality industry for 12 years in the nineties towards which made more strong with what I got from The Gambia . But he time has come to chill out and wait for gods time . The Gambia exprirence will stay like bond in my life.

  5. Good news Mashaa llah Gambia 1 Senegal 0

  6. Thank GOD it will soon be over. The Gambia I know has always been peaceful. GOD has always been watching over us. Who or whatever want to hurt our beloved country and her people, will always fail. Even if Yahya step down, i would like the Ecowas forces to come in and make sure everything is clear, and they can stay a while to maintain the peace

    • So jammeh are agred or

    • Asekebede Atebaila muumayke

      Ecowas should not stop coming we have still some very very bad cows in our Amy the enablers of the coward yayhya jammeh,Ecowas forces should round them up and finish them ones and for all because they are the course of all nightmares and worries ,they should be teach a very heavy lesson to prevent future recurrence of such barbaric and irresponsible acts .,shame on you the jungulara,shame on you soul badjie ,Yankuba badjie ,Ousman badjie,Yankuba sonko,Yankuba Drammeh,umpa Mendy,musa savage,the list goes on on and on ,these people mention are callouses.

      • Asekebede, it is amasing that just yesterdy, people like @Joourney Boy, Something Badjie, and a few others were totally opposed to a Senegalese-led military intervention in the Gambia, and today everyone seems to be in the same boat….This is relly great! Isn’t it? It is a common Gambia virtue….
        I am cautious of Jammeh because he is a very bitter, creepy and bad-minded person.

    • It’s well my brother. God is with u.


  8. What a coward! Why did he decide to go? The Gambian people must hold him to account for 22 years of atrocities committed against them. It is only a temporary truce, Mauritania must hand him over for trial.

  9. Thanks be to God for turning Jammmehs heart. Thank you Jammeh. The rest is left with Allah. What remains Borrow is given the steering to keep the speed or surpass (ie structural development) without trampling on Law abiding citizens (IE. Guard your human right record and fight corruption ) …May Allah give You the wisdom to rule well HE Mr Barrow . Take this opportunity to shake my sympathy for lost of your son. May Allah give you to patience to get over it.

  10. I have watched this unfold over the weeks, my husband is there working and my heart has been breaking. Thank God, Allah, whatever you call your maker because this man needed to go big time. Hats off to President Ellen Sirleaf who has stuck to her guns and run this baby properly to its end – making no mistake who is in charge. She did not lose her cool all the way to the end. She called his bluff and he bowed out when he knew he was beaten – dare I say it – yes I dare – it took a woman to shift his arse!!!! Love to all Gambians, men, women, any tribe any sexual orienation any religion – peace be upon you all!!!

  11. This is what ture cowards do, bark all year and curl their tail when shit grts real. They should catch him ad givehim a public shame parade first before letting him run. So next time other African dicators will know the time has come to recognize t respect the will of the people.

  12. Wonderful News for the freedom of Gambia. A new era of democracy!

  13. Coward to the end. Why do put Gambians through all these and put your sorry tail between your legs and run for dear life. You are a heartless little man, a pretender, a con artist and a fraud. You will go down in history as an evil dictator who killed, maimed, raped and robbed his own people. May you live the rest of your life a haunted man, haunted by all those good men and women you killed just to consolidate your power. Haunted by the screams of those innocent school children you ordered your military to mowed down in cold blood. Haunted by the pain and anguish of the widows and widowers of your victims. Haunted by the sense of loss,sense of injustice that is felt by the sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters of your victims.
    May you live the rest of your defeated life running for your life, void of purpose. A life of a fugitive, a traitor and a coward.
    You have disgraced our people and nation for your actions and may Almighty God also disgrace you for all to see.
    May Almighty God guide our nation from your evil. Cleansing of our nation from the filth left by Yahya and cohorts begins now.
    Long Live our country!

  14. Wow I can’t believe this fellow Gambians.
    Thank Allah for making this possible for The Gambia. Our prayers are been answered.
    As for Yahya Jammeh Babilimonster, may the Almighty punish you for making Gambians go through all this and may your wealth, children & wife be the means of your destruction.

  15. Our God is good all the time. I give the almighty God the praise and glory for making it a reality for him to step down and exit to Mauritania. Thank God for answering prayers,our praying and fasting was not in vain.also kudos to Ecowas who made it possible by showing him that they were not joking that they really ment their coming.To God be thy glory.long live Gambia.

  16. Please let’s forget about revenge, “wrong things he had donned ” bury the hatchet, and turn over to a new leaf.

  17. Yahya jammeh really makes peoples suffer and course some to lost their lifes. Shame on you

  18. There’s no need for Yayah Jammeh to go into exile,The should be enact to protect the sitting not to take him to court for prosecution because it’s transition of millitary government to democracy

    • William Lwanga from Uganda

      Big up ECOWAS for threatening military action against the dictator that has made him accept the will of Gambians

  19. Hope you will update this story. Mauritanian President left without Jammeh. He is still there. FYI

  20. SADC the Southern African equivalent of ECOWAS must be ashamed and learn a huge lesson from this.They allowed the 92 year old Mugabe who has ruined Zimbabwe for 36 years to refuse to go after loosing elections and withholding results for 30 days.SHAME

  21. He should have been captured taken to court and executed ! Yaya jammeh is a criminal that will not stop machinations in the governments of West africa…He is dangerous, a ruthless tyrant,drug and arms dealer with a lot of money…He needs to be killed…

    • Abu Bakarr Jalloh

      No sir I disagree with you he may be ruthless at times especially against his political opponents but what you cannot take from him is the aspect of him being a God fearing man. I don’t have any history of him being a drugs and arms dealer.

  22. Thank God,may ALLAH be praised.we also appreciate the efforts of Nigeria president Muhammad Buhari for his role.I learnt he sent his warships and jet bomber to dislogde Jammeh.May Allah bless The Gambia and He guides and protect Jammeh for avoiding bloodshed in Gambia.

  23. Emmanuel Chikwelu

    He better come to Nigeria so we can hand him over ICC. His hands are full of innocent blood.

  24. Alhamdulillaih………………………….
    God safed us, yet again

    • senatorjohn(deacn john)

      dis kind of Leader deserves DEA………………TH . So he can try to run for his “GREEDY LIFE”

  25. Jammeh has no option than to quit or surrender just to avoid the wrath of the ECOMOG.He should learn lessons to what happened to Lauren Gbabo in Ivory coast. Yet I still recommend the troops to go and protect the innocent people of Gambia at least for the next three months

  26. I don’t think this news is correct. I have been following BBC in the last few hours and what is being broadcast is something different. I learnt that all efforts in getting him leave has failed.

  27. Heartfelt Condolences to President Adama Barrow for the big loss. And all those who suffered due to similar circumstances in the Political upheavals. May there souls rest in Perfect Peace.Indeed nothing can replace the humsn being for Mankind. We belong togehther and our differences is the challenge.

  28. I thank God for the innocent people of Gambia, if the dictator insisted to stay in power , he could have put an end to many life . I wonder what YAHYAH is still looking for After 22 years, he bragged thahee was not coward, what is he today. Qudos to ECOWAS, Au,EU, UNO, Nigeria, Serial Leone, Senegal and The president of Mairitanian

  29. Gambia is the “Smiling Coast of Afrika” and with a smile will be peace in that nice country. I like to be there and i hope the new Governement make a better and more sozial politk’s as Jammeh. All the Best for The Gambia and its citizen’s from Berlin/Germany.

  30. It a welcoming news in our sub-African region, because our continent has been behind in the struggle for state power among selfish politicians. We want peace in The Gambia because what affect one affect all indirectly. President please remain on your statement to save innocent lives your country. We are in prayer with the people in The Gambia .

  31. Congratulation Gambians for the peaceful hand over POWER to newly elected president ADAMA BARROW

  32. I think most presidents in Africa tend to turn State houses to be their permanent homes,its bad for them leaders re born not made,thy tend to ignore that concept ending thinking to be Alpha and Omega

  33. when would our African leaders will understand what we called modernity?Jamel pack your load and quit, save Gambian life’s and soul. a word is enough for the wise””

  34. This is a welcome development for Gambians and the rest of us in sub-Saharan Africa. Jammeh should be arrested and make to give account of war crimes and for impoverishing Gambians for 22 years

  35. Thanksgiving to the most exalted that he has finally agreed to step down, I’m honoured. And may this be a learning point to all African leaders who try to be replica to him… The Gambia is known for his peace and instability… So no one to ruined our beloved Gambia. God save us all.

  36. Why should he leave the Country? Africa is not yet mature in politics if an ex- president MUST leave his country after a defeat in election.

  37. I read from Ghana in delight. May this story be true.

  38. It is shameful after all you have dint your reputation.

  39. It is better for him to step down ,because the nation Gambia belongs to all the citizens of the land and not one person. ….selfish leader

  40. This idiot supposed to maintain his pig head. All is well. Yahya Jammeh must be held to ransom after all these struggle. We need to set pace for other tyrant leaders who believed that they can’t face the supreme laws. Happy for Gambians.

  41. He is living but please watch his back I hope it will be in the interest of peace and no plans attached

  42. Noooo.let him stay please.Nonsen.lets see how he will survive.shameless elder.

    • Until the continent of Africa agreed to 2 term served as president, even if you are the greatest president in the world, the longer you stay in power the more corrupted you are and the more you abused power by killing people that are not agree with you or jail them because of thier view. The continent has all the natural resource for us to live like human in the west, but because of the greedy politicians Africa is the least developed continent. Look at Australia, South Korea, East Asia, why are they developing at a faster rate.
      Look at Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea etc. Mr. Jammeh should be tried for genocide.

  43. Our people say the place of a roaring animal is not the hole, because roaring animals like Lion, Tiger, Rhinoceros etc will never under any circumstance take to their heels to dash for a hole. Unlike President Yayah Jammeh he roared loadly at earlier mediators that he will not step down, and just the mobilising effect of the Senegalese Army without a single bullet has humbled him into submission. I will only conclude that this perceived Lion is too big to easily fit into a submissive tiny hole. Thank God that he has allowed reason to rule over pride.

  44. Welcoming news to read that Yahya Jammeh has finally decided to go into exile.
    Let’s hope he does not change his mind.
    All African leaders should take a clue from this development. Democracy must work in Africa and the wish of her peoples in choosing their leaders be respected. To God be the glory.

  45. He really has no option! Africa has won over impunity and pride! its a win for the fight to consolidate Africa’s democracy! Kudos Gambians. Kudos AU. Kudos UN! hope the president of Guinea is watching!

    • Itotaly agree with Tajamuka comment.Yes Ecowas will make West Africa a beacon of peace nd prosperity.In spite of its vast mineral resources Central,Eastern nd Southern Africa will remain in limbo as SADDEC drags its feet nd let Presidents who clearly lost elections to continue to rule against th will of their people on th pretext of National SOVEREINGNTY.Presidents are nt Kings neihter do they REIGN but rule on behalf of th citizenry wh give them th power to rule.Period

  46. Kudos M.1950.Saddec needs a new facelifting,a complete overhaul of its entire leadership nd serious panel beating to action.Th many conferences,regional or national Saddec conducts are simply feast workshops tht is a sheer waste of the poor taxpayers money.Wake up and emulate th action oriented Ecowas bravery.