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Jammeh Leaves Gambia

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Jammeh Leaves Gambia

Mr Jammeh on board the plane at Banjul Airport. Photo credit: @mishasomerville

President Yahya Jammeh has left Banjul this evening after he agreed to step aside on Friday to avoid military confrontation with Senegalese led regional troops.

A small crowd of his supporters and relatives were at the airport to see him off. And as he boarded the flight, some people in the country started crying and waved goodbye to him.

This is the last time many will ever set eyes on him.

Mr Jammeh is going into exile in Guinea Conakry.  Some reports said he is going to Equitorial Guinea.

He is in the plane with Guinea’s President Alpha Conde and his wife Zineb Jammeh .

Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, who helped to broker the deal, told Mauritanian state news agency that “the accord sees the departure of Jammeh from Gambia for an African country with guarantees for his family, those close to him and himself. He can come back to the country as he pleases.”

In his farewell message to Gambians, Mr Jammeh, 51, who has ruled the small West African nation of less than two million people that he was relinquishing power in their supreme interest  and for peace and security of the country.

He said he has always put above and everything else the independence of the free and proud people of the Gambia and will always work together with Gambians to defend that independence they have so dearly fought for and won.

Jammeh at Banjul Airport (Umaru Fofana)

He added:“My decision today was not dictated by anything else but by the supreme interest of you the Gambian people and our dear country taking into consideration my prayer and desire that peace and security continues to rain in the Gambia. At a time when we are witnessing chaos and trouble in other parts of African and the world, the peace and security of the Gambia is our collective heritage, which we must jealously guard and defend.”

No apology

Mr Jammeh who ruled the Gambia for 22 years with an iron fist has been accused of committing serious human rights abuses including arbitrary arrest and prolong detention, torture and murder of critics and opponents including.

He has however refused to apologise to his victims saying: ” I submit myself only to the judgement of Allah (SWT) Whose judgement is above and beyond man, time and history. The Almighty Allah (SWT) is the only Guarantor of truth and justice.”


  1. The pride of power and money. This man can even try to defy death. Now he is heading to foreign land indefinitely. Pathetic!

  2. He’ll be coming back sooner or later and put on trial. Then and only then can the nation start to put behind them what his rule has meant!

  3. There`s lots of work to do now. Instead of saying “this was bad and that was poor” everyone in the Gambia should just try and look forward – don’t look back! You have an exellent President now with lots of knowledge which he has gained abroad. He is opened to the world, he knows business and figures and i am sure, he will get international help to build up the New Gambia.

    Gambia does not have any resources of oil or diamonds. The few harvested peanuts are not enough to export. BUT…Gambia itself has wonderfull people, wonderfull surroundings, wonderfull beaches. Build up the hotels again, make Gambia a holiday place to visit that people will never forget! Tourism must be on the rise again! And people will come – believe me.

    Turn the “crying coast” into the “smiling coast” again! It’s up to you.

  4. Roger and Carla Latchford

    As my wife and I have enjoyed three excellent holidays in The Gambia, and met so many wonderful people We wish the President every success and best wishes for his time in office and look forward to returning to the Gambia again soon. We were in the Senegambia Hotel these past few weeks and saw the President who was staying in the Hotel next door. Good luck Sir and every best wish our thoughts and prayers are with you and the good people of The Gambia who so desperately need you.

  5. evil bastard hope u and your gold digger bitch will die soon and rot in hell. you go for now, one way or the other u will face trial for all your evil crimes. What goes around comes back around many gambians are forced in exile now is your turn. fucking wanker

  6. Its sad that Gambians are so naive to let this murder left with all his wealth he has stolen from Gambians. What amnesty? This man has bloods of Gambians on his hands and he will create more problems in the near future. Is not if but when will he destabilize the Gambia. Its time we woke up from our dreams, Yaya jammeh is Gambians number one enemy, how many people has he killed, jailed, tortured? Are we denying the victims of justice. We want answers, how did Solo died, how did Deyda Hydara died, Chief Ebrima Manneh, Korro Ceesay, Dana Marenah and many many others. I know and understand why majority of Gambians just want him out of the country for the sake of peace, but I can tell them with certainty as far as Yaya is alive he will continue to be a threat not only to the Gambia but the entire Africa. Yaya needs to be arrested and brought to justice as soon as possible, please remember the victims too

  7. So pleased to get the news. Now those who have left can return to a new and better Gambia. I hope all of Africa will likewise embrace the power of democracy and set the people on the true path to freedom and selfdetermination.God bless you and keep you safe. Power to the people and thank you all,for the great example of diplocy you have shown. I will be back in Gambia in April and look forward to seeing all my friends and making many more visits in the future. Oh Happy day.

  8. This man has absolutely no self respect, his lack of empathy and false importance brands him a psychopath. At this point he should be asking for forgiveness for the evil and horrendous acts he had perpetrated against innocent Gambians. His pompous and false self importance brought him his own downfall, yet he learns absolute zero from it. Yahya has no clue whatsoever, his ignorant about Islam is laughable. A man that can hardly recite an accurate surah brandishing a Quran in his left hand(for the most part). The audacity of him saying Allah’s name when in reality he has no respect for the sanctity of life. One thing I believe for sure is that this man will never find respite from the demons in his head. His ugly conscience will be his judge for the rest of his unproductive life. Money will never buy him happiness because it comes from within and not without. His ill gotten gains will never be able to shield him from the torments of his inner self. Judgement in the hereafter is more severe compared to that of this Dunia. Even after he has been brought to justice in this Dunia he will still stand in the court of the one and only mighty Allah. In the court of Allah nothing will avail, double jeapardy will not be a option. He will be tried twice in this Dunia and in the hereafter. This is just the beginining of his problems. May Allah protect us from the likes of him and from ever becoming this sick. Ameen

  9. YY has asked for new ultimatum untill 6 this afternoon, so still he is not yone

  10. YY has asked for new ultimatum until 6 this afternoon, so still he is not gone

    • He has fooled the whole world for several weeks and is still going on!? OMG, hope the airplane with him has left in the meantime.

  11. what a great day for Gambia and the wonderful Gambiam people my husband and I have been holidaying in Gambia twice a year for the last 7 years at the same hotel ( Palma rima) we keep returning because of the friendly attitude of the people and beautiful country we would like to congratulate the new president Adana barrow and ecowas for helping free the country god bless Gambia and its people

  12. We are thankful, foremost to the Almighty Allah, to come out of this predicament with our heads held high n our families back to their homes. Also, thankful to all who have worked stoically to make this peace a reality.
    Let us refrain from language that is divisive but be forgiving, as Allah cherishes n exemplified by our beloved prophet. A time to collectively engage n forge unity to face the daunting challenges we all face.

  13. If you did not vote for him he told everyone on GRTS he would not give your villagers anything. And as for that bastard army chief Badgie he is thick. He even thought it was Jameh who paid his salary. How stupid is he? It’s the tax payers who pay all of you bastards who have been theiving everyone’s money not the devil who is on the run thinking he will escape justice. He won’t he will be taken to court the same as that other bastards Taylor

  14. A sick man like Yahya arrogant jackass joker jammeh Baboita mansa deserved no amnesty. He is an evil heartless man who is still not willing to acknowledge any of his many crimes against the Gambian people,nor apologize on bent knees to Gambian people, but instead rants about his own relevance, portraying himself as a man of peace and courage. Gambians have found you out Yahya Jammeh for what you are, a heartless bully, a despot, a murderer, a coward and a self serving nincompoop. Your place in hell is assured both in this life time as well as in the hereafter. You will forever be running away to hide from your many crimes but let it be clear to you jammeh,there is no hiding place for you. Gambian people will never forgive you and they will do their utmost best to make you pay for your crimes even if you hide in the middle of hell. You may enjoy the loot from the Gambian people’s sweat with your bitch of a wife,hope with bitter taste for now, but you will never be contented again in this life. The Gambian blood you’ve spilled during your evil rule will haunt you all your life till the day you die in prison or somewhere on the street.
    May the Almighty God give you no peace but darkness,fear, loathing,regret and chaos till your last breath. May He judge you for all to see in this life your various crimes against our people.
    As a fitting gesture, your Kanilai compound should be turn into a museum to showcase your various crimes against our people and your cars,farms and other businesses sold to compensate the families of those you’ve killed, detained, tortured unjustly.
    Last but not the least, the various security groupings like the piu and the NIA should be disbanded and the criminals among them tried in our courts for their crimes against our people.
    Long Live the coalition!
    Long Live President Barrow!
    Down with Yahya Arrogant Jackass Joker Jammeh, Baboita Mansa!

  15. Mr president Barrow ,you have one hell of a job in front of you and it will take more than 3 years. How much has he (Jameh) cost Gambia and other countries because he was afraid to face justice? Millions, his gold digging wife just as bad. And the rest of them who ran away including isatou Njie the Vice President she’s part of it with her 1.2 million dollar home. Who do they all think they are. Theiving rotten dirty bastards. Cowards and liars. They did shit for Gambia

  16. Glory be to the Almighty God for the peace that is in place now and from henceforth. And everyone, Nations and Authorities as been used by God in one way or the other in actualizing this peace, your good rewards will meet you speedily in Jesus mighty name.

  17. This evil man has now done so much damage to the tourism of your country ,I think this was is plan to leave this country in turmoil and make the Adama Barrows job even harder ,at this moment in time there is only one winner ,he’s leaving with all is wealth is family is friends and oh is prescious cars when he should be in mile 2. There’s only one winner at the moment and its him .He doesn’t care about all the people who have no Jose due to all the tourists going home and how they feed their families . Hopefully your new president will make a difference

  18. He have to return diplomatic passport, now

  19. Thanks to Allah, the resourceful community’s citizens, soldiers of the Ecomig have not been actually engaged. All the men of Ecomig are cherishable and in that note I would like to say to them, KEEP IT UP all Ecomig battalions of all community states. Thanks to the U.N, A.U, ECOWAS and to the Gambia’s brotherly sisterly neighbours Republic of Senegal for letting off an intervention from its territories with an U.N, A.U, ECOWAS mandate, but also with the life of their youngmen/women of the Ecomig put to unimaginable risks. Thanks Ecomig Nitbatt. Keep it up. What all of you Ecomig entities have demonstrated over the years brings about hope in the sub-region. Keep up individual self-integrities as well. Wishing you all the length of days and good health.
    The new coalition government has a lot to do, and without the appropriate mindsets of citizens that would be hard to accomplish. Hope the truth and reconciliation process doesn’t supersede this new government’s transition programs and national development agenda. Slowly but surely, all darkness shall come to light as I still believe Yaya has not escaped justice. Anticipating Yaya and cohorts trial is euphoric after 22year of brutality to Gambians but those awaited trials are not transcending in this momentum of a national victory in my opinion, with regards to the new mountain of work ahead of the new government. Ofcourse I think the public funds he illegally hoarded in relevant banks around the world should be relocated as soon as possible and refunded back to CBG. How to pay the bills is ‘food for thought’ to the new goverment of experiences and know hows.
    Last but not the list, I would like to say thanks to all the regional head of states of the ECOWAS H.E Muhammadu Buhari,Nigeria. H.E Ellen Sirlearf Johnson, Liberia. H.E Macky Sall, Republic of Senegal, former president John Dramane, Ghana. H.E Koroma, Sierra Leone. H.E Alpha Conde of Guinea Conakry, H.E president of the Islamic republic of Mauritania and all their counterparts whose name I did not mention in their commitments in bringing the political impasse in the Gambia to an end. This is hope for the Gambia, the sub-region and Africa.

  20. That’s not suppose to be Jammehs plane. It has the ‘cord/code of arms’ on the tail and has ‘Republic of the Gambia’ on its laterals. No government should let it stick around on their terminals. It should be flown back to the Gambia as soon as Jammeh and entourage disembark it. This plane should be very well inspected and maintained to a much better condition and shape, and re-allocated for Mr. Barrow’s official use or other suitable purposes as government may deem necessary.

  21. We must recognize the efforts and goodwill of these lords of Mauritania and guinea have been real negotiators and with the good intention of preventing bloodbaths on the streets of banjul, mr sally has never wanted to negotiate by the Pacific ways and mr Buhari taught him his power while people were dying of fear of being shot, how can you kill thousands of people just to drive out a dictator? These gentlemen deserve an authentic prize of peace thanks and thanks

  22. I’m just happy that Ecowas stood on their ground for him to leave. This is a warning to all potential dictators in the Sub-region, that such a selfish, brutal and repressive regimes cannot be tolerated anymore. I would like to see other regional blocs in Africa follow the good example of Ecowas.

    • I agree @PEACE. Should be just happy that Ecowas stood on their ground for the lunatic to leave. I think everything will take back shape only if we don’t see our respectable statesmen and women as ‘LORDS’. This however is not an advice for you because I think you sound reasonably PEACEFUL.

      It is incumbent on evry individual citizen to prove how their self-integrities are constrast to Jammeh’s evilousness and bitter-heartedness.

  23. I wonder whether he would still be allowed by UTG to keep his Doctorate, Professorship etc ? He is definitely not a Bibilli Mansa given his behaviour over the last few days or so and, am not sure his continuing lording it over just a small band on diehard loyals counts as Bibilli, even if this is still Mansaya .

    Further, like for most exiled desports, once the adrenalin begins to wear out, self destructiveness will begin to set in leading to, among other pathologies, acute frustration, shortness of temper (hence Umpa Mendy must come to bear the brunt of ailment), feeling of impotence (itself leading to overdose on Viagra), irrationality, low blood pressure (insomnia & restlessness), slow entropy of the brain and, eventually early dead. Mabuto died just 4 months after being overthrown, Amin within 4 years of being forced out of office, Bokassa ? and Sonni Obachi from an overdose on Viagra.

  24. Adama Barrow Fraudulently President Elect

    Bravo Babili Mansa you shall be remembered by all The Gambians for bringing development to the doorsteps of every Gambian regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation.

    Since the day you salvaged the Gambia on the 22nd day of July 1994 you started dustying and polishing it until it started glittering like a gem diamond. Jamneh Musa you only left for the sake of peace and your love and respect for Gambian lives and properties. You already carved your glorious name on every Gambian’s heart for the landmarked development you brought to Gambians and you will ever be remembered for that good and caring life.

    May the light of prosperity, goodhealth and longlife shines on you where ever you go to, as you have brought light into every Gambian homes. School children are crying in their hearts for the love and caring you provided them in the last 22 years. The Women are also mourning your departure for the freedom you accorded them and uplifted their livelihoods. Not to forget the privileges and rights you provided for the Gambian girlchild. Traditional and Religious elders are also showering you with their prayers for the dignity and respect you gave them..

    Longlive Yahya AJJ Jammeh Babili Mansa. The best son of The Gambia.

    • Development don’t matter much in a repressive regime. When are you going to build those streets in Serekunda and the surrounding. They look like muddy lakes in the summer and windy desert in the winter.

      If he means so much to you, why did’nt you left with him?
      Remember the famous Côte “(give me freedom or give me death)”

    • Your Babili Mansa was a divider and a conqueror. All those things you mention that he represents, where just a mere political move to sustain power.

    • Your Babili Mansa was a divider and a conqueror. All those things you said he did were just a mere political move to sustain him in power.

    • You ought to be the best son yourself. Stop making noise when you don’t know what to say.

  25. @ peace how foolish u are. U think conde did it? the real heros are sally and buhari. without threat of force u think he wovld go? what latter happend was face saving tactic initiated by jammeh

    • Ok I’m a fool and you are the most intelligent good luck, but it’s my opinion Conde and mr Abdoul Aziz the real heroes without them there will be a bloodbath, I really thank them for what they have done for us .sally and buhari would kill thousands Of people before ending the dictator and the worst thing is that they are going to rob in the houses they tend to rape the women seen with my eyes in free town and in two other countries thanks to allah to save us from a senseless massacre live Gambia Thanks Allah no blood

  26. 1% of STOLEN WEALTH to his loyal FOOLS. 99% to Zainab-SAITAN Jammmeh. RIP Elo

  27. Eva, Mbucha, Penda Chorro Sarr

    URGENT: beware of hackers into your computers during this period of excitement. I just recived a message telling me my computer that my Facebook login and credit card details have been stolen

  28. Eva, Mbucha, Penda Chorro Sarr

    p.s. there are individuals posing as mac technical support people- use your official contacts e.g. for mac and double check numbers on official websites

  29. The ex president has now another title to add to his two paragraph-long titles, and that is “exile”
    As we all know, he had forced many Gambian to go exile, and it is his turn.

    There is thing that worry me a lot that there is nothing in the agreement that give rise for him to escape prosecution for the murders and tortures had committed during his time in the office.

  30. Eva, Mbucha, Penda Chorro Sarr

    this is the fake message I got:

  31. I don’t know the Gambia protocol to formers presidents, but in general the national anthem is only play to the flag and to the president on duty.
    Yesterday was said military band played the national anthem when Jammeh left. He was not on duty anymore.


    Yes he is gone, but what was the cost? He was allowed to leave the Gambia with all the loot he has plundered from the people. I just saw on Freedom News a photo of a cargo aircraft that was flying some of the ill gotten loot from the airport after he left. Why was this not stopped!?!? ECOWAS negotiators are not good poker players! The only thing bullies like Yahya understand are bigger bullies! They should have allowed the ECOWAS troops to march all the way to the Statehouse and surround it Then have the Nigerian war ship drop one round on the beach and then given Yahya 5 minutes to come out with his hands up! If not, start dropping rounds in the Statehouse! The only bloodshed would have been Yahya’s and all the bad apples that surrounded him! My feelings are if the bloodshed is “bad blood” no big deal! I am reading stuff on other web sites about amenity. Gambia got shit on again. Not only by Yahya but by ECOWAS! I am just sick to my stomach!!!

    • Stan, dont worries about it, it is not over yet . The new government has to get in and make investigation of all possible crimes and economics crimes so this will get to the bottoms of justice.

  33. Banjul is a natural fortress, Denton bridge being crucial. A thousand soldiers could have held it for months. Meanwhile Nigerian jets, not noted for there accuracy, would have leveled Banjul with significant loss of life. Gold and diamonds and Cash can be replaced…a single life lost can not. The truth will come out all in good time. Meanwhile Gambia survives to build a nation of its choice. Choice is everything…wealth is nothing

  34. Wealth only buys you the first seat in a life boat.

  35. The Gambian Army wasn’t going to fight anyone. I have seen the weapons of the Gambian army. ECOWAS had heavy armor. How do you hold off heavy armor with AK-47s? Besides, like I said, they were not going to fight. Denton Bridge would not stop the Nigerian warship from leveling the Statehouse (with Yahya in it). How could they miss? A blind Nigerian Navy Targeting Officer could have hit it with his eyes closed sitting a mile off the beach!
    Yes, Gold, Diamonds and cash can be replaced but it sure would have gone a looooong way in feeding the poor in Gambian.
    Once these things leave the country it makes it a hundred times harder to get it back. My thoughts are; it is gone forever.
    You know, if someone offered me millions and possibly billions to live in exile in the biggest “shit-hole” in the world, I would jump in that lifeboat!

  36. Just thinking….”Denton bridge being crucial. A thousand soldiers could have held it for months.”
    Where is he going to get 1,000 solders that would be willing to die for him?
    Hell, I’ve read reports that the Gambian Army is estimated to be between only 400 to 2,500 strong. Half of those are probably working his farm!
    I would guess there was less that 50 in the Statehouse willing to go down with the ship.

  37. The task of government is how to financially balance a country left destitute, by greed and plundering of the people’s sweat, How do you corner the robber, when he is surrounded by friendly weapons.? The pidgeon has flown the coup….Its time for The IMF to cancel Gambia’s debt, and for Banks to register a re- payment plan. that is affordable. Gambia is in need of foreign aid, with out strings. Otherwise the collapse of Gambia, would cost them much more in the long run. All this goodwill and back slapping of the International community needs to be converted into cash and pledges.

  38. The average Gambian does not have any money. Yahya made sure of that!
    The way I have viewed things over the better part of twelve years living in Gambia is that most of the money that comes into Gambia comes from family living out of the country and tourism.
    The new administration needs to go full speed ahead to revitalize the tourist industry and this incident as far behind them as the can. How about a moratorium on the high cost of a Gambian business license for foreigners that want to bring a new business to Gambia?