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Full Fixtures As Gambia Gets Set For African Cup Of Nations

Barring any last minute change, the Gambia is set to be featured in its first ever Africa Cup of Nations tournament next week.

Cameroon is hosting the continent’s biggest football competition with 24 games from January 9 to February 6, 2022 after one year delay due to the Coronavirus global pandemic that has infected over 4 million people and claimed 100,00 lives in Africa.

The Gambia is zoned in Group F alongside Tunisia, Mali and Mauritania. The Scorpions will play their first-ever Afcon match on 12 January 2021 against Mauritania in Limbe.

Below are all the fixtures for the championship from the Group Stages to the finals:

Group A

9 January: Cameroon vs Burkina Faso

9 January: Ethiopia vs Cape Verde

13 January: Cameroon vs Ethiopia

13 January: Cape Verde vs Burkina Faso

17 January: Cape Verde vs Cameroon

17 January: Burkina Faso vs Ethiopia

Group B

10 January: Senegal vs Zimbabwe

10 January: Guinea vs Malawi

14 January: Senegal vs Guinea

14 January: Malawi vs Zimbabwe

18 January: Malawi vs Senegal

18 January: Zimbabwe vs Guinea

Group C

10 January: Morocco vs Ghana

10 January: Comoros vs Gabon

14 January: Morocco vs Comoros

14 January: Gabon vs Ghana

18 January: Gabon vs Morocco

18 January: Ghana vs Comoros

Group D

11 January: Nigeria vs Egypt

11 January: Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau

15 January: Nigeria vs Sudan

15 January: Guinea-Bissau vs Egypt

19 January: Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria

19 January: Egypt vs Sudan

Group E

11 January: Algeria vs Sierra Leone

11 January: Equatorial Guinea vs Ivory Coast

15 January: Ivory Coast vs Sierra Leone

15 January: Algeria vs Equatorial Guinea

19 January: Ivory Coast vs Algeria

19 January: Sierra Leone vs Equatorial Guinea

Group F

12 January: Tunisia vs Mali

12 January: Mauritania vs Gambia

16 January: Gambia vs Mali

16 January: Tunisia vs Mauritania

20 January: Gambia vs Tunisia

20 January: Mali vs Mauritania

Knockout Schedule

Round of 16

23 January: Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group C (1)

23 January: Winner Group D vs 3rd Group B/E/F (2)

24 January: Runner-up Group B vs Runner-up Group F (5)

24 January: Winner Group A vs 3rd Group C/D/E (6)

25 January: Winner Group B vs 3rd Group A/C/D (3)

25 January: Winner Group C vs 3rd Group A/B/F (8)

26 January: Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group D (7)

26 January: Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E (4)


29 January: Winners Rof16 1 vs 2 (QF1)

29 January: Winners Rof16 5 vs 6 (QF3)

30 January: Winners of Rof16 3 vs 4 (QF2)

30 January: Winners of Rof16 7 vs 8 (QF4)


2 February: Winners of QF 1 vs 2

3 February: Winners of QF 3 vs 4

6 February: Third-place play-off and Final.

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