The Day The Truth Lied

We all bore witness to that pregnant day of hope and promise

Our dreams of that day, turning into the nightmares of today

The truth gave birth to lies

Bracing itself, as it delivered painfully, on the mantle of betrayal

On the day the truth lied, some celebrated vice and embraced corruption

They toasted to the blood of our unborn children as they cried

For halcyon days that they’ve been denied

In fairy-tale visions no one really ever saw

Our lips covered in the blood of the baby

Whose chance at life ended in a public hospital before it began

The darkened sun of the mother in labour set in the pain of a stillborn

Those trusted to deliver the child never allowed it to rise

The day the truth lied

It was the day some swore the sky is red

that the moon could fit in their palms

That they know, because they are men of virtue

Men of God and men of high morals

Custodians of the heavens and hell

Men and women championing evil

Robed in elegant religious garbs

Even as they embraced the truth while it lied

The day the truth lied

We remember our best friends: Hypocrisy and Greed

Hypocrisy gave birth and named the child Virtue

Greed gave birth and named it Temperance

We cheered because Greed is one of us

We cheered because Hypocrisy is one of us

The day the truth lied

Was the day promises meant nothing

Shamelessness turned itself into pride

Country was replaced with self and kind

Those aspiring for power not seeing the similarities they share with those in power

“What about the others, they too do it” was the national anthem

Winning is all that matters

Men of God prayed to the wealth of this world

And in the name of religion

They too aligned with the winners

Because the gods say so, they insist

It was the day the truth lied

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