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Fatou Senghore, Defense PS Rohey Darboe React To Ebou Janha’s Death


The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defense alongside the proprietress of Fatima Trading have expressed grief over the death of Gambia’s last surviving WW2 veteran.

Ebou Janha,102, died on Friday and was laid to rest Saturday afternoon at Brikama Jeddah cemetery with veterans of the Gambia Armed and security forces among others that came to pay their last respects to the country’s last man standing.

Meanwhile, few months before his death Aunty Fatou Senghore of Fatima Trading and PS Ministry of Defense Rohey Bittaye Darboe were knocking almost every door to ensure the late Ebou Janha realize his life-long dream of owning a car.

And, some doors opened up widely as the idea resonated with many institutions and individuals that chipped in.

When Aunty Fatou and Madam Darboe knocked on the doors of GFS Training, Gheran Senghore, PS Jallow, MOFEA, NAWEC, CBG, GPA, GRA, SSHFC, Jah Oil Company, Gai Construction, Hamidou Jah, Hadim Gaye Central Bank of The Gambia among others, the doors flung wide open and the institutions and the individuals became so passionate about the idea that they contributed to a fund that was able to buy car for the late Janha and there was even a huge chunk of D285,000 left.

The money raised exceeded expectations and the D285,000 balance was meant to support the GAF veterans during the Ramadan but not yet used.

The late Janha and another veteran also received cash support from the funds.

Meanwhile speaking to Jollofnews from the Ghanaian capital Accra, PS Darboe expressed shock and grief over the news of Janha’s demise but was comforted by the knowledge that the departed soul was blessed with longevity and that he was able to achieve one of his dreams before departing for Allah’s Golden Shores.

“It was a shocking news,” Madam Darboe told JollofNews when contacted for her reaction to the development.

She said it was also time for expression of gratitude to Allah and acknowledgement of His favor to the late veteran as he was able to live beyond a century.

“We are happy to satisfy his desire to own a car. He wanted a car badly and we were, at least, able to satisfy his desire at 102,” PS Darboe said.

She, therefore,used the occasion of the doleful event to once again express gratitude to all institutions and individuals that have made their endeavor a success story.

“We owe them a lot.They served the nation and the world. Veterans are part of us. That’s why we have a Directorate of Veterans at the ministry (Defense Ministry),” she explained.

She meantime extended her condolences to the bereaved family, the veterans’ associations and the entire country.

Meanwhile, the news of the death of Gambia’s last World war veteran has also saddened Aunty Fatou Senghore of Fatima Trading.

“This is a sad news.May Allah’s mercy be upon him.

“I’m indeed grieved because my wish was to see him live longer to enjoy the car he had wished in his entire life to own,” she told Jollofnews when contacted this evening.

According to sources, a high-level delegation, to comprise of former and serving military top officers, will later meet the family of the late Ebou Janha to formally pay the army’s homage to the fallen hero.

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