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GMC’s Mai Fatty Fires Back At Critics

Mai Fatty & President Barrow

When Mai Fatty recently told Kerr Fatou that President Adama Barrow would’ve been the candidate of his choice outside GMC, his critics saw the comment as an indication of a deterioration in his financial health but Fatty has described this criticism as a revelation of the persons of those peddling them.

GMC leader Friday wrote on his Facebook page: “Let me make it abundantly clear so that it’s certain that I didn’t misspeak, in answering a Kerr Fatou interview question: If I were to endorse a candidate outside GMC, it would have been President Barrow. If all you could say was that he’s job-seeking, climb on top Mount Everest and announce it there. If all you could say he was broke, that reveals more about you instead.”

Mai Fatty indicated that he was thick-skinned to the criticisms.

“Nothing you will say matters to me. Who I would’ve wished to endorse as an individual citizen, shouldn’t be your issue. That right of mine is propriety,” he fired back at critics.

“If I had chosen your Party Leader instead, you would’ve been celebrating me. This senseless intolerance has to end,” he stated.

He added: “Let me just put this photo here overnight. You aren’t Allah to make a pronouncement about my future or decide my fate! So, save your breath.”

According to Fatty, when the going was tough many of those vocal voices today were shuttered.

“When we laid down our lives and invested millions into Gambia’s liberation, most loud mouths today were sealed then,” he stressed.

“Am not into anyone’s personal struggle. We live in a democracy now. My tolerance will not permit me to accommodate impudence on this page; the block bottom activated,” he concluded.

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