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Maimuna Ceesay Goes To Baddibbu With Double-Edged Sword

President Barrow & Maimuna Ceesay

NPP official Maimuna Ceesay returned to her native Baddibbu with a double-edged sword seven months after the general election.

The triumvirate of Maimuna Ceesay, Fatoumatta Jawara and Alhagie Jawara was over the weekend in Kerewan and Ceesay told the people of Kerewan in a meeting that though she never got what she wanted from them (support for NPP), she did not return to them in humiliation.

“I will never be humiliated because all what I was doing was in the best interest of this country. Despite the accompanying dangers, I persisted in my opposition to the dictatorship,” she charged.

According to Maimuna Ceesay, Baddibunkas’ opposition to President Barrow is not due to hatred for the President but is as a result of the envy they have for successful compatriots.

“They don’t hate Barrow. It’s us the successful Baddibunkas around Barrow they hate. Adama’s defeat in Baddibbu is the consequence of the fight of Baddibunkas against the good sons and daughters of Baddibu,” she claimed.

She added: “Kerewan people, desist from destroying your good people because you cannot have the good children of others.”

According to the senior NPP official, despite giving the people of Kerewan two nominated NAMs during his mandates, they still remained obstinate in their opposition views.

“Take your votes. You can deny people your votes but not their God-decreed leadership roles,” she told the people of Kerewan.

“Your situation is not enviable. I mean, this perennial opposition. Mandinkas are fond of saying we will not accept this or that. If you don’t accept it, others will,” fumed Ceesay Darboe.

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