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GPU Should Be Decorous When Writing Missives!

Muhammed S. Bah, GPU President.

Unless GPU wants to tell us that Therese Gomez is no longer with the union, then we can concur with their assertion that we’ve not been invited to any meeting by the union.

But as far as we know, Ms. Gomez is a full-time employee of the GPU and was, in fact, at work today.

So when we received a telephone call from her yesterday that the Media Council would like to engage us,we were not in any delusion to believe that she was acting on behalf of the GPU.

In fact, Media Council is the GPU and GPU is the Media Council!

This is how it is, like or loathe it!

The union gave birth to the council and considering the intricacy of their link, they cannot be divorced no matter the technicality.

The composition may be different but the functions are intertwined.

The GPU President is invested in the council, so do other GPU staff.

In fact, that is not the crux of the matter here!

The bone of contention is the complaint lodged against us, concerning our coverage of The Point V Philip Kotey.

The GPU or the Media Council should be seen to be serious with what they’re doing.

As a serious institution or a complaint body, you needn’t a reminder that not all complaints are admissable.

And, this is exactly the issue with The Point’s complaint!

Dismissed for lack of merits should’ve been the response of GPU or the Media Council when The Point told them to gag us.

Pap Saine should know better!

Bah & Saine

If Pap Saine can dedicate a full or half page for court stories, what should then prevent JollofNews from dedicating few centimeters of screen space to report The Point Vs Philip Kotey?

Did he or The Point newspaper have anything to hide?

Please GPU and the Media Council, allow us to do our job unfettered.

Why has Pap Saine not deployed his experienced court reporters to follow the proceedings?

Why is The Point thin-skinned to publicity when it comes to this court case?

Finally, we would like to urge the GPU, for the last time, to be decorous when dealing with JollofNews.

We are not going to stomach any impudence from anyone!

So, next time when writing your missives be measured in your words and decorous in tone.

Respect, they say, is not given but earned.

So, GPU and the Media Council should start working towards earning respect than demanding it!

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