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Guinea: Ex Constitutional Court President Sent To Jail

The former president of the Constitutional Court, the court that validated the third mandate for Alpha Conde has been sent to prison.

On Thursday 15 December, the former president of the Constitutional Court, Mohamed Lamine Bangoura was charged by the Court of Repression of Economic and Financial Offences for “alleged corruption, illicit enrichment, money laundering, forgery and use of forgeries in public writing, perjury, embezzlement of public funds and complicity” and placed under a detention warrant at the Central Prison in Conakry.

The former president of the Constitutional Court, who, along with seven (7) other advisers, had ousted Kelefa Sall, then president of the said institution, has been in the sights of the Ministry of Justice for several months.

Last July, the Minister of Justice Alphonse Charles Wright revealed that on Friday, September 28, 2018, Mr. Bangoura, until then vice-president of the Constitutional Court, was elected to head the institution with an annual budget of over 20 billion Guinean francs.

It was noted that despite his monthly salary of 145 million Guinean francs, Mr. Bangoura, without any cause justifying a public service mission of the Court, owns a 4-storey building subject to land title No. 1647/NGA of lot 4 Dakar for an amount of 404 million CFA francs. According to the Guinean Minister of Justice, this sale was made possible by the intervention of two notary offices: the office of Maître Kane Anta Diallo, notary of the seller, and the office of Maître Tabara Diop, notary of the buyer on behalf of his children living abroad at the time of the facts.

The former president of the Constitutional Court is also said to have acquired a residence in Nongo in the Commune of Ratoma worth 5 billion Guinean francs and estates in Wonkifong, in the prefecture of Coyah. Mr. Bangoura must explain himself on other alleged facts of predation of public funds.

Several senior members of the former regime suspected of embezzling public funds have been sent to prison since the military junta led by Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya took power.


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