Dear JollofNews “Editor” 

Since I have something to say, please find it in your generous heart and allow me to talk. Since your objective remains informing people, I trust you will not have an issue with informing your readers about lies you allow on your platform and lies you yourselves tell against people who have shown you nothing but kindness. More importantly, since you claim to champion good journalism, then you will not have an issue publishing an editorial that calls out your immature rantings based on your inflated ego and complex.

This is in response to your silly diatribe against my person and my family based on my commentary about journalism in The Gambia. In your puerile and silly attack against my commentary, you never disputed anything I said about journalism except to ignorantly claim that not all journalists are as I described. You would think I ever said all journalists are that way. You would think I am the only one that has lamented the state of journalism in The Gambia. You conveniently ignored my tribute to real journalists in the country and all their suffering. Because you harbor some wayward agenda to sully my name, you simply focused on those I said are not real journalists! Honesty dictates that when you accuse, you accuse based on what someone said and not what you want them to say. Let me show you one of your lies. You said of me:

To say some online media platforms are used to pull some government officials down by maligning them speaks to your parochial view of the entire Gambian media land and seascapes.

Now go and listen to my commentary again and show me one instance where you can quote I said the above. If you can’t, you would do yourself some decency to admit to your lies. Inventing cheap lies to malign people is pure gutter journalism and I would think you knew that.

Now if what I said in that commentary applies to you, then you should counter with facts and not lies and demand that others should not talk as if you are some demigod who controls what others can or cannot say.

You said until that morning, you held me in high regard but I wonder what that regard was based on. My so-called expensive degree? Saying or writing things that you found yourself agreeing with until that morning? Is that why you held me in high regard? Very condescending if you ask me but I will not let the slight massage of my ego blind me to the hate you approve on your site in the name of free speech. Importantly, I wonder what it says about you that you held me in high regard all these years until you found one issue you disagree with me on, and then all of a sudden, I am a sycophant. Certainly, you’re not that simple-minded and intolerant, or are you? Jeh, one disagreement and you condemn me to hell already.

You accused me of being a sycophant but in a purely cowardly manner, you never mentioned who I was a sycophant for. You went on a nonsensical diatribe calling me a go-getter as if that is a crime. Again in a cowardly manner, you never said what I was trying to get out of my commentary. I don’t do anyone’s bidding if it helps you sleep better. I own myself and own my thoughts. Your diatribe is based on your imagination after all and I understand you felt the need to say something to make yourself feel better. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. I have been publicly stating my opinion for over twenty years and many have tried to shut me up to no avail. I doubt you have the resources or power to do so.

I must say I found it interesting that you used your platform to spread lies about me; exactly what my commentary was about. Exactly what you took offense with. Is there any wonder that of all the people with similar platforms, you alone felt hurt by my comments and want to silence me? You’d be surprised by the number of actual journalists that reached out to me and commended me for saying what I said. It seems You are the only one who took ownership of what I lamented. Remember the person who shared the commentary on his radio is also a journalist. Don’t you think he would have had issues with what I said if he thought I was referring to all journalists? You see why you attacking me says a lot more about you than it does me?

You thought I was a good person all this while when you used my articles for your benefit. I have never asked for anything in return. If you were as fairminded as you want to present yourself, you could have simply reached out to me to ask for clarification just as you did when you asked for permission to be using my articles. But I guess if you are blinded by some grudge or hate you are incubating, you will find it difficult to be rational in your thinking. That is why you can sit there and allow your readers to accuse me of plagiarism though they never presented one single piece of evidence to back their lies. Idiots who cannot think for themselves get so overwhelmed by the thoughts of others and because they cannot think for themselves, they project themselves onto others and accuse them of plagiarizing. That is also why you have no problem with your readers attacking my family and spreading lies about me. That you allow others to practically insult my wife should have been beneath you but I guess that is the level of journalism I decried that you took personally. This proves my point.

Perhaps it is a good thing that you do not hold me in high regard anymore because had I known that these were the depths to which you were willing to sink, I definitely would not have allowed you to use my articles on your platform. Since you call yourself a journalist and I take it you want to claim fairness, I challenge you to publish this in your editorial just as you have attacked my person in the same space. And after this, I rescind the permission I granted you to be using my articles on your site. Thank you.

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