Take Your Training Program Seriously, GNOC Prexy Tells Trainees

The Gambia National Olympic Committee (GNOC) President, Beatrice Allen, urged participants at a training to be fully engaged in acquiring the proper fundamentals of hockey in four days.

“Take your training seriously. The sky is the limit!,” she said in an address delivered Monday during the opening ceremony held at GNOC headquarters located along Bertil Harding Highway, Bakau.

Up to 25 participants, including Physical Education (PE) teachers have been picked for the four-day long training on a highly- quality sport that requires agility, precision and an excellent hand-eye precision. Some officials and technicians are also taking part in the training program which is organized by the Hockey Association of The Gambia,

“If you can participate in a local or regional championship, it will be recorded in the books of the National Olympic Committee,” Allen added while indicating there are big plans lying ahead.

In the NOC, she went on, we have targets. “We have the Youth Games coming up in 2026 in Dakar. We will see whether you can teach atletes that will go to the Youth Games.”

She made it clear that the Olympics Games in Paris is not part of the plan. But she was quick to add that they have to get prepared for the 2028 Olympics scheduled to take place in Los Angeles, United States.

Beatrice Allen, GNOC Prexy.

Speaking earlier, the Principal Education Officer Region One, Lamin M.Juwara, said the training is designed to provide valuable resources, knowledge and skills.

“We all know the importance of education and physical education in the development of our students,” he remarked. “It instills discipline, team work among participants.”

For GNOC Second Vice-President and President of the Hockey Association of The Gambia, Ousman Abou Wadda, revealed they received $10,000 worth of equipment offered by the International Hockey Association.

In fine, the Lead Trainer, Muddasar Ali Khan, expressed recognition for GNOC as he was chosen to be their pick for the training on a new-born sport in Gambia.

He said hockey is in Pakistan a national sports, and assured he will make sure to deliver on expectations.

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