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Guinea: Lawyer Concerned Over Capt Dadis Camara Safety

Lawyer Pépé Antoine has expressed concerns over the safety of former Junta leader after foiled jailbreak. Captain Moussa Dadis Camara and two aides were rearrested Saturday and sent back to Conackry Central prison following a massive manhunt.

“When a client who is incarcerated in a high security prison facility got exfiltrated by armed assailants and taken to unknown location, I think I have good reasons to be concerned about his safety,” Counsel Antoine told JollofNews in an exclusive interview.

The news of the jailbreak in Conackry Central prison continues to make headlines as three escapists were captured while one fugitive is still on the run. The country’s Justice and Human Rights Minister has vowed to ensure the continuation of September 28, 2009 massacre trial.

“Under these circumstances, government will be held responsible for anything that would happen to him,” he said. “The authorities are bound to tighten up the security around the prison.”

He further stated that Capt Moussa Dadis Camara is once again a victim of a situation he did not create. “People need to be more compassionate to him. It seems everything is done to implicate him,” he added. “It was never his intention to dodge justice.”

Lawyer Pépé Antoine

Former Junta leader is facing crime against humanity charges after being allegedly linked to the September 28 massacre.

Lawyer Pépé Antoine called on Guineans to understand Capt Dadis Camara had the opportunity to stay in Burkina Faso.

Captain Moussa Dadis Camara

“He decided to come back home in order to allow to take its course,” he remarked while rubbishing accusations of his possible involvement in the jailbreak.

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