Chebbo Cham

The fiery Imam and lecturer of Tallinding Islamic Institute, Chebbo Cham, has argued that drunkards stagger more than marijuana smokers from intoxication yet weed is prohibited and alcohol okayed.

“You legalize things you like and prohibit things you don’t like,” he pointed out.

“Look at how they legalize alcohol and prohibit marijuana. What is the difference between the two? They are all intoxicants. Ask the smokers and those who drink. They are all the same,” he explained.

According to the Imam , those who use grass and that who use the bottle all get similar results from the substances.

“You get intoxicated, I get stoned. You stagger from alcohol and I stagger from grass. In fact, the manner drunkards stagger is worse. But because those who impose laws on people drink alcohol themselves, they crafted them (laws) in a way that they will not be affected”.