President Adama Barrow is currently the main threat to the country’s democratic health as he continues to arrogate to himself powers he doesn’t have.

And quite sadly, as President Barrow increasingly exhibit dictatorial tendencies, the body mandated to bring him back on track is, in fact, encouraging him to grow more powerful.

After all silence, they say, is consent.

Now to the crux of the matter!

Readers may be aware that President Adama Barrow is still insisting on flouting a court verdict by laying a foundation stone this Saturday of a luxury hotel at the former Anti-crime HQ.

He was supposed to be there last weekend but OIC said the event will go on this Saturday.

As the Gambia government continues to strong-arm Neneh Freda Gomez and her Global-HOMM organization into submission over the property, the people paid by Gambian taxpayers to defend their rights have all been peculiarly silent.

Yes, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is strangely quiet while Barrow and his government bully Neneh Freda Gomez and her organization despite a judgement that the property that the government wants to build a hotel on belongs to Global-HOMM.

This is unacceptable!

It is also unfathomable!


And, it can be said to be unexpected of an institution in which so much public money and trust were being invested.

Barrow should be told the truth.

Law is law and he is not above our laws!