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MPs Weigh In On The Sixth Legislature

As Gambia’s new Legislature has been installed on Thursday, national assembly members are weighing in on the path the country’s lawmaking body will have to take to deliver on expectations.

“All we need in this country is to ensure that peace will prevail. We are expecting to achieve the hopes and aspirations of our electorate,” Alhagie Babou Cresay told Jollofnews shortly after taking part in the swearing-in ceremony.

Parliamentarians took the oath of office and secrecy, as they begin a five-year mandate. In spite of an increased polarisation of the political spectrum, many observers are with the view that National Assembly members will stick to their sacro-saint mission, which is to represent Gambians to the fullest.

Ceesay, who campaigned under an independent ticket, expressed hope that other members of Parliament will put the national interest first, saying “it is highly necessary.” He then welcomed the move taken by the House to elect Fabakary Tombobg Jatta as the Speaker.

“He has never been taken to court, and nobody will hold him responsible for anything that is illegal,” he said in an attempt to shutdown critics.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Sheriff Sarr of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) who also spoke to Jollonews.

“Fabakary T. Jatta is the right choice,” he said. “He has been in the National Assembly for many years.”

Sarr said if his pairs only see Gambia, not political party, they will inexorably deliver on expectations.

“Let’s unite and move the country forward,”

‘Not An Easy Legislature’

The NAM for Serekunda West, Madi Ceesay made it clear that he is “not totally accepting the new Speaker,” arguing that his track record does not allow him to throw his weight behind him.

“This Legislature is not going to be a an easy one,” he warned while indicating that the National People’s Party (NPP) did not succeed in winning an absolute majority.

When asked if United Democratic Party (UDP) is set to stonewall any project initiated by the ruling party, he was quick to clarify:

” The UDP is for the progress of this country. We are in for development,” he said. “We will not block any national development but will not accept anything like corruption that will hinder the country’s progress.”

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