Capt. Sanna Sabally

The former vice chairman of the AFPRC junta, Sanna Sabally, is hemmed in a precarious situation as his extradition to The Gambia or trial outside the country could be facilitated without much hitches.

The former AFPRC junta vice chair has been granted protection in Germany but currently has affinity to Senegal where he shuttles.

The TRRC has recommended community service for Sabally but the Gambia government would have none of this as it said the former vice chair bears command responsibility for various atrocious crimes.

Sabally has himself admitted to playing a commanding role in the bloody quelling of the November 11th Coup attempt.

Several soldiers and officers of the Gambia National Army were summarily executed at the Army Headquarter camp in Yundum, Fajara Barracks and other locations as the junta crushed the coup attempt.

Sabally also admitted responsibility for shootings of civilians by his bodyguards.

The civilians were shot for allegedly obstructing his convoys.

The coup leaders (L-R.. Yankuba Touray, Edward Singhatey, Yahya Jammeh (chairman) Sadibou Hydara and Sanna Sabally)

Meanwhile, the Gambia government has been making steady progress in the implementation of the TRRC White Paper.

Already, those recommended for ban from holding public office have been sent home this week.

Meanwhile, Sabally has found himself to be the most unfortunate among the remaining free junta members – Yahya Jammeh, Edward Singhateh and himself.

The Gambia government said it has no money to implement some of the prosecution recommendations of the TRRC.

And, in its desperation for funds, government could invoke the principle of Universal Jurisdiction against Sabally.

The principle of Universal Jurisdiction allows Germany to prosecute anyone accused of heinous crime (s), regardless of where they may be committed.

This means Sabally could be tried in Germany based on this principle.

Jungullar Bai Lowe is a case in point!

Alternatively, the Gambia government could invoke the extradition treaty between Banjul and Dakar to get Sabally home for prosecution.

So, does this indicate that Sabally could be dragged to court probably years before Jammeh and Edward have their days in court?