Gambia’s Bank Robbers Nabbed

Alleged (JollofNews) – Authorities in the Gambia have arrested two men who allegedly robbed thousands of Dalasis from a Nigerian owned Guaranty

Trust Bank.
Ansumana Jarju, 27, of Kerr Seringe village, last Friday afternoon allegedly walked into the Guaranty Trust Bank in Bakau with a pistol and forced staff to handover money before taking off in a Mercedes Benz taxi BJL 4565G belonging to Alfusainey Jatta, 32, of Bakau Cape Point.
Narrating the incident, David Kujabi, spokesman of the Gambian police said: “The principal suspect, Ansumana Jarju, went into the bank, behaved as if he was an ordinary customer and when he thought the time was opportune enough, he pulled out a pistol and at gun point made the tellers to put money into a bag, amounting to D410, 120, 00. The suspect went out of the bank, boarded the taxi and the driver drove off. Unfortunately, the car broke down near the Total filling station in Fajara and the principal suspect then took another taxi and left the driver to manage with his car.”Alleged     
He added that acting on information given to them by the terrified staff of the bank, police launched an immediate investigation and later found the broken down taxi. He said Alfusainey Jatta, the taxi driver was arrested and he took police to the residence of Ansumana Jarju.
The police spokesman further narrated: “Ansumana was arrested and asked to bring out the money.  He showed the police D130, 000 (120,000 in D25 denominations and D10, 000 in D100) he hid in a bush near his house. Further investigations revealed that he had hidden some of the money somewhere and after further questioning; he confessed where he had kept the remaining money.
Officers went into the house, searched through the house and were able to recover D260, 000 which was in D100 denominations. So D390, 000 has been recovered.”  Some of the materials Ansumana Jarju used to carry out the robbery were also recovered, including white canvass boots, black mask, jean trousers and a white T-shirt.
Both men are expected to appear in court next week.

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