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Ex-Military Boss Calls Out Disgruntled APRC Supporters

Rt General Lang Tombong Tamba

A former head of the Gambian army, Retired General Lang Tombong Tamba, has called on supporters of President Yahya Jammeh’s APRC to whole-heartedly give their blessings to the alliance between their party and President Adama Barrow’s party.

Ahead of the December 4th presidential elections, President Adama Barrow has signed a electoral pact with ex-president Yahya Jammeh’s party.

Although the terms of the agreement is yet to be made public, some supporters of Mr Jammeh have expressed anger and disappointment describing it as a betrayal.

But in a WhatsApp audio message sent to the disgruntled supporters of Mr Jammeh, the retired army general said a President Barrow victory in the polls is the only way that can pave the return of Mr Jammeh to the country.

“The alliance with NPP is the right thing to do. The easiest way for Jammeh to return to this country is by voting for President Barrow in the election,” he said.

“If President Barrow wins, he will grant amnesty to former President Jammeh just as he President Jammeh did to former President Jawara. So whoever is not in support of this coalition is also not also interested in the return of Jammeh.

“This is because if some of the other parties rule this country, I swear Jammeh will never step his foot here because that is not their intention.

General Tamba warned that some of the opposition leaders want President Jammeh’s head on a pole. He added that the country’s truth commission will soon release its report which will make various recommendations against Mr Jammeh and his regime.

“This is why I said we should support President Barrow because he is the only chance for Jammeh to return. I am aware that some of the people who are against the alliance went to Kanilai and asked them not to support it but I want to tell the people of Kanilai that if they want Jammeh to come back, they should support Barrow.”

Turning his attention to critics of the interim APRC leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta, General Tamba reminded them that their party would have been dead by now if it wasn’t for the sacrifices and determination of its current executive.

He added: “We all know that when President Jammeh was leaving the country he entrusted the party to Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his executive and nobody has ever paid them salary. Why should we now allow these people who falsely claim to be in contact with President Jammeh to come and say they don’t accept the current executive?

“If Jammeh was not happy with what is happening he would have replaced Fabakary Tombong Jatta and his executive.
“Those of you who think Jammeh will return to the country out of the blue are dreaming. How many audios have they falsely circulated online saying Jammeh is coming this week and next week? Let’s not allow these people to reject something that is actually good for the party.

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