Banka Manneh(JollofNews) – A Gambian pro-democracy activist has expressed optimism about the prospect of flushing out the APRC government of President

Yahya Jammeh and restoring true democracy and the rule of law in the Gambia.
Banka Manneh, chairman of the Gambia Civil Society Associations, said the Jammeh regime is subjecting innocent Gambians to the most egregious rights abuses including extra-judicial executions, murders, tortures and forced disappearances.
He said he will never walk away from the fight against dictatorship and will do all he can to end all these rights abuses and usher in a new Gambia where people can enjoy their freedom, justice and prosperity.
In a video posted on youtube, Mr Manneh, 42, who now resides in Atlanta, Georgia added: “I am not only fighting to remove Yahya Jammeh from power, but to establish a country with vibrant multi-party democracy system where no one’s rights will be violated. I am sure we will do this and can do it and that’s the reason why I am in the struggle against dictatorship in the Gambia.”
He added that Gambians should not turn a blind eye at the human rights violations in their country, but should speak out. He reminded them that they are the architects of their future and it is their responsibility to free themselves from the clutches of tyranny and oppression.
He said it a moral duty for him and all Gambians to fight against oppression in the Gambia.Banka Manneh
“I cannot sit back in the comfort and safety of my home and forget about the oppressed people in the Gambia,” he said.
“ What I have seen, felt and experienced in the US, the opportunities, the democracy, human rights and the rule of law are the same things I want for my people in the Gambia.”
Mr Manneh added: “I am a dreamer and I have a dream which I am pursuing to create a Gambia that every Gambian can be proud of, a Gambia that is free, democratic, governed with justice, the rule of law and is economically vibrant. I have no doubt that we can achieve this and it is the reason why I run around for the Gambia and is the reason why I go to bed excited about the future of the Gambia.
“That believe in the future and the believe that we can build a better and vibrant Gambia is what motivates me. The Gambia is on my mind when I wake up and go to bed everyday. I get my inspiration from Gambians out there who are fighting everyday to get rid of Jammeh and to usher in vibrant democracy and the rule of law.”
He added that while wrestling power from President Jammeh is not going to be easy and so many enemies will be made along the way, he is determine and ready to carrying on the fight until he is victorious.
“I will not abdicate my responsibility even though the journey is tough and I will make many enemies along the way but it’s worth it. When it comes to country, it is worth it. I am not in the struggle just because I am enjoying it”.