Sillah & Sanyang

Firebrand opposition politician Nyawuru Komma has described Ebrima Sillah as a blemish on President Adama Barrow’s reputation.

UDP’s Nyawuru asserted that Sillah’s refusal to testify, under oath,before a National Assembly select committee recently was not only a blatant contravention of the assembly’s Standing Orders but that the development has put President Barrow in a bad light.

“If he was sure that his testimony before the committee was going to be the whole truth, why the fuss over an oath,” Nyawuru said Monday morning in an interview with King FM’s Feelerangoo (Mirror) programme.

Left to Nyawuru alone, the former information minister would have been held in contempt of the legislature and made to behave; his ‘ignorance’ of the Standing Orders notwithstanding.