Governor Bah & President Barrow

While we congratulate the new governor of the Lower River Region for his appointment to this important position, but no doubt many people were also disappointed that President Barrow has once again sidelined the women from such a deserving position. Everyone had at least expected him to replace Rohey John Manjang by another woman. This is however yet another clear demonstration of his administration’s lack of regard for gender parity.

When President Barrow reduced the number of women in his cabinet, some people thought that he was going to compensate that by appointing them in other categories of his administration. However, the very fact that he had chosen to replace both the two women who were once appointed governors with men shows his lack of gender sensitivity. This is the case with virtually all other sectors of the administration.

Of course there is not a shortage of quite competent women to fill all the available positions in his administration, but his decision to always sideline them in favour of the men is indication of his lack of regard for gender equality.

While President Barrow is no doubt always happy for the women to clap and dance for him during ceremonies and other national events, but when it comes to sharing the top positions of his administration, he always tends to forget about them.